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7th Heaven


Our recently-enhanced carbon-fibre formulation has led to a new extreme rigidity of the poles in the standard and 7th Heaven configurations. An 8 metre forward reach compared with the standard Polecam's 6 metres enhances further the creative flexibility and production values offered by Polecam. An 8 metre crane that can be easily transported by one person and set up virtually anywhere in ten minutes changes the traditional way of using a crane. You can just have it with you and decide your mode of working on the spot.


Twenty crane locations in a day becomes possible. Not only does 7th Heaven allow a wide variety of smooth moves from any angle you can imagine, it offers a really fast way to achieve static shots in countless camera positions, from ground level to 8 metres high, all at full HD resolution or even 3D.




Not satisfied with a 6 metre crane?
Upgrade your Polecam from a 6 metre crane to an 8 metre crane with the addition of two extra poles.


Advanced design carbon fibre that is stiffer and stronger.


Rig still packs down into two bags.






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  • Simple upgrade - just replace your poles.
  • Fits into the standard Polecam bags so nothing extra to carry.
  • Gives even more flexibility and shooting possibilities.
  • Stiffer poles allows greater control of the Polecam and an improved feel for the operator.
  • Same vibration absorption properties as before.
  • Reach even further than before adding even more production abilities to your rig
  • 2 x One Metre Carbon Poles
  • Carbon, 1m per pole section
  • Polecam Camera Heads
  • Covers & Cases
  • Underwater


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7th Heaven Polecam 7th Heaven