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Archived News Stories

  • JG Broadcast Swingin’ the Pole at the LA AUTO SHOW!

    LA Moter Show - Polecam Camera Crane

    John Gillan is on the Ford stand again at the LA Auto Show with the Ronin-M, and Toshiba IK-HD1 and the Fujinon XT17 Zoom lens.

  • Polecam goes to Kitzbuhel for 2016

    Polecams filming Downhill Skiing

    As in 2015, Polecam will again be at the World Cup Downhill Skiing in Kitzbuhel, Austria. In fact two Polecam including Volker Lehman will be on call both rigged with Antelope Pico cameras.

    Here’s some images from the 2015 event.

    More images to follow from the event in January 2016.

  • Tournez Montez goes Around the World!

    Polecam Camera Crane

    Just like the famous Frenchman Jules Verne, who wrote Around the World in 80 Days so Jean-Philippe and his team are taking their Polecam around the world.

    These photos were taken on a shoot for a documentary series for GEDEON PROGRAMMES.

  • Polecam gets the EPIC treatment

    Polecam Camera Crane in a remote location

    Arctic Gateway recently begun work on producing 'Through The Mist'. The opening shot was designed and after much consideration, a Polecam was the best way to get the shot.

  • Polecam Pico in Qatar for the 17th Asian Handball Clubs’ League Championship Final

    Handball being filmed in slow motion with the Polecam and Antelope Pico camera

    With the Handball World Championships less than a month away in Doha, Qatar, XD Motion deployed a Polecam Pico for the finals. Straight of the back of the World Swimming Championships the Polecam Pico yet again showed unique footage.

  • World Swimming Championships upgrade to Antelope Pico

    Slow motion filming at the World Swimming Championships

    The Doha, Qatar (25m) World Swimming Championships earlier this month were a great success with the Polecam/FishFace equipped with the Toshiba HD camera. However, once FINA saw the footage from the camera test in Luton (, they asked XD Motion & Polecam/LMC to see what they could do in the short time left.

    The last 2 days saw the Pico in action generating some fantastic footage. Thanks to all for making this possible.

  • Polecam vs Boeing 737

    Airplanes being filmed using a camera Jib - Polecam

    Long night in Gardemoen, Oslo. Pinkelephant swinging his trunk higher than a Boeing 737.

  • Polecam on the Downhill Skiing!

    Fina World Championship Swimming

    Hi Polecam, because the lack of snow in Europe the Alpine circus came to Åre, Sweden. PinkElephant was happy to swing his trunk close to the skiers.

  • Fina World Swimming Championships 2015 from Doha, Qatar

    Fina World Championship Swimming

    Polecam and the FishFace is currently deployed in Doha for this prestigious competition. This event is run over 25m and has a number of special cameras deployed by XD Motion of France.

    Benoit Dentan, CEO of XD Motion said he could not believe how many different angles the Polecam could give in swimming.

    "Having known Polecam for 15 years it's great to be working again with Steffan Hewitt and we look forward to deploying many Polecams here in the Middle East from out new offices in Doha."

    There are 2 more days of intense competition. More news to follow.

  • News from Matteo Rizzetto

    Filming a commercial with Polecam camera crane

    Matteo ( and his Polecam is shooting an advertising video in one of the more important campings of Lake Garda near Verona in Italy as well as these photos for a commercial for Unicredit Bank.