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Archived News Stories

  • From Russia with Love

    Polecam camera crane in Russia filming in the Snow

    Minus 18 degrees centigrade and all is good with Jon Boast on location in Russia!

  • A Merry Polecam Christmas from Steve Rausch

    Polecam Camera Crane

    The St. Joseph's Cathedral in Sioux Falls SD has hosted a Christmas concert for the last 19 years. It featured symphony professionals, recording artists and Broadway performers. It is performed 6 times over the course of 4 days and recorded once for regional broadcast on Christmas Day. In the past, CBS has aired it nationally.

  • Polecam live in Padova

    Dogs beauty event filmed with Polecam camera crane

    Matthew and his Polecam live from the Fair of Padua for a demonstration of dogs beauty event .

  • 3 Polecams for Downhill Skiing

    Polecams filming Downhill Skiing

    Perhaps the greatest downhill race in the world, The Hahnenkamm in Kitzbuhel, Austria was the venue for ORFs 29 cameras including 3 x Polecams.

    One belonging to ORF was in the start hut, the other two supplied by LMC with two Antelope Pico UltraMotion cameras. One operated by veteran operator Volker Lehman ( ) at the infamous Mousefahller. The other by Steffan Hewitt at the top of the super steep Hausbergkanter.

  • News from Israel

    Polecam in Israel

    The photo I uploaded is from a video clip for a building company. They were amazed that I could fit the Polecam in their conference room and provide shots that look like they were taken with a 10 meters crane...

  • More from the Detroit Motor Show

    Polecams at a Motor Show

    Twin Polecams supplied by John Gillan of JG Broadcast for Detroit 2014 Motor Show.

    The Ford stand played host to two custom built Polecam podiums at this year's show. Both units were 7 metres long with wire strut systems and 1x Toshiba HD1 camera and 1x Camera Corps camera with 10x zoom lens.

  • Detroit Doubles - Polecam at the Motor Show

    Motor Show filmed using POlecam Jibs

    John Gillan and Greg Salman will be double Polecaming it in sunny Detroit!!!!!!

    This is just a taster - More pics to follow when the show opens.

  • Sixteen months of stick waggling around the world

    Polecam portable camera crane

    23 Countries
    93 Load-ins
    106 shows

    Woo what happened there then? Sixteen months of my life gone in a pole swinging, rain drenched, popstar grabbing haze.

    The Polecam held its own though. I was touring with the band Muse, using the slip-ring narrow head with the Camera Corps HD Camera on the end. I also purchased a rain bag for the back end and the waterproof housing for the camera (those outdoor gigs were going to get wet).

    For any of you that have been to festivals or worked on them you know how nasty that can become, so I wasn't leaving anything to

  • See the amazing Resolve Optics HD Zoom lens at BVE 2013

    See Polecam and Polecam Systems on stand G16 at BVE 2013, ExCel, London Feb 26th - 28th

    Resolve Optics HD Mini Zoom Lens

    London 29th January 2013 – Polecam Systems will be at BVE2013 not only with a selection of their highly acclaimed Polecam rigs with various head options, but with a collection of other products from their ever expanding range of specialist small profile HD cameras, HD lenses and accessories.

    Highlight of this range is the new Resolve Optics Ultra Compact HD Mini Zoom Lens Z10-HDcf, designed to complement small profile HD cameras such as the renowned Toshiba range.

  • Steff Otto interview for TV-Bay

    Steff Otto

    Interview with Stefan Otto, freelance cameraman and Polecam owner operator using only DSLR cameras with his Polecam Starter Pack rig

    How did you get into the Broadcast Industry?

    I was born and grew up in in Guernsey in the Channel Islands. I was trained on camera work by one of the first TV camera women, Rosemary Henry at Channel Television – she'd been there 30 years when I started in the early 90s. I started as work experience while still at school.
    Eventually I moved to the UK, to Fountain Television. I trained as a studio sparks and lighting operator. After a while I returned to the Channel Islands and was offered a job