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Camera Corps HD MiniZoom Camera

Mounted in an environmental housing Camera Corps HD minicam has a built-in 10x zoom lens! Quite simply the smallest broadcast quality HD camera system that includes a zoom lens with full remote control of zoom, focus and CCU functions.


  • 10xzoombuilt-in
  • 1080i/720p 50/59.95hz Output
  • 1/3” 2mpixel CMOS sensor
  • Lens 5.1-51mm
  • IP65 rated housing
  • Output Y,Pr,Pb
  • 37mm Adapter thread
Camera Corps Mini Camera
Camera Corps Mini Zoom spacer HD Mini Zoom spacer Camera Corps CCU
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  • Broadcast
  • Sporting events
  • Reality TV shows
  • Medical
  • Space restricted sites
Camera System

Camera Specification:

Sensor spacer 1/3" 2mpixel CMOS
Lens 5.1-51mm (10x zoom)
Wide Adapter Optional 0.5x or 0.7x wide angle adapter
Adapter screw 37mm
HD formats 720p/1080i 50/59.94 hz
Aspect ratio 16x9
Output Y,Pr,Pb
Signal to Noise >50db
Minimum illum. 12lux @ F1.8
Power supply 6-12v 3.8 watts
Dimensions 96x49x45mm
Housing 2 piece aluminium housing protected to IP65

Interface Box Specification:

Signal outputs spacer 3 x HD-SDI
Camera connector Lemo 6 pin
Power input XLR4 9-36v
Data input XLR3 (Camera Corps standard data system). VISCA option
DIP switches Cable length selection 5m, 10m, 20m and 30m. Channel select – Up to 48 channels Camera Corps standard system.
9 way 'D' input Local control panel for control of Iris, Zoom, Focus, Tally light etc.

Camera Corps Multi-Rate SD/HD Re-Clocker

Camera Corps Clocker spacer
The Camera Corps multi-rate re-clocker can be used to re-clock any serial digital SD or HD signal. Two re-clocked outputs are provided.

It will normally accept and re-clock a serial digital HD input signal (1.485Gb/s) from up to 230m of Belden 1694A cable.

Operation is fully automatic with auto selection of any input data rate from 143Mb/s to 2.97Gb/s. The unit operates from any DC power input from 9-18v consuming just 1.5watts.

A 5volt DC power input is also available as an option.


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Camera Corps MiniZoom Camera Camera Corps HD MiniZoom Camera