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When you consider that right from the outset Polecam enabled the control and placement of a small minicam on a small lightweight pan & tilt head at the end of a long lightweight carbon fibre pole, it was obvious that somebody would use it to record events in nature .

There is the element of access and portability of the equipment, but also of safety for the operator in the case of dangerous species, and also the candid element of getting a camera right in to the area of action without the immediate presence of a human that would influence behaviour.

An example of this was the use of Polecam in a documentary shoot on gorillas in Rwanda by Axis Films. The pole was camouflaged with branches and leaves to enable camera access to the world of these intelligent creatures with the operator at a safe distance.

A further example was for the movie 'An Arctic Tale', where Polecam was used in the extreme conditions of the Arctic to get in close to the huge and dangerous walrus packs on the beaches and also in the water by shooting off the prow of a small boat.

Polecam owner operator John Gillan used his stereo enabled rig in the shooting of the award winning documentary 'The Secret Life of the Rain Forest'. Julian Thomas, the director said "Polecam allowed us to get the reach in the trees that we couldn't get with the fixed 3D mirror rig because it was just too heavy and cumbersome to move around."

" We would never have got the range of shots we did if we'd taken a Jimmy Jib or similar crane around with us, and certainly not in the time that we had."

"We were on a very tight schedule and a very tight budget. To be able to take that out there for just a few days and to move it around with just 2 or maybe 3 people at most, moving around – we were going through jungle trails up to1 or 2 miles away from camp you'd be setting up your jib after moving it that sort of distance".

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