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Really Polecam came into being for this purpose, so right from the start it has been used to shoot a great variety of sports. In its early configurations with a small lightweight pan and tilt head and minicam, it lent itself to getting right in close to the action, as opposed to shooting with a long lens from a distance .

A great example of this is when it is used right at the gate exit on a ski run. The Polecam allows us to be right there at the start, even looking inside the gate to the last few seconds before the skier jumps out on to the slope, then to immediately turn and follow the skier down the slope. It's a feeling of 'you are there' giving this unique access to the viewer.

It is used in a similar way in many sports to get in close to the action. Consider also that Polecam generally includes the option to have a microphone at the head, so you are going to pick up sound close in to the action too.

Another feature of Polecam used for sport is the introduction of underwater heads and housings, whic immediately took Polecam into the sports of swimming and diving, where it is regularly used for Olympics and other coverage.

It is also used off boats for swimming coverage in open water events, for cycling, boxing, athletics, ski jumping, for football coverage from behind the goals, for Rugby, for American football, volleyball, kayaking and canoeing, water polo, motor sport, bmx, the list goes on.

In Formula 1 racing, it is the only jib allowed in the pit lane by way of the Polecam body harness, allowing operation without the use of a tripod and dolly.

Red Bull have been using Polecam in the sports coverage for broadcast television in the annual Cliff Diving competition for several years now. This is really an example of Polecam use for extreme sports, where the rig location is often difficult to reach and set up, but the resulting shots achieved are breathtaking, adding production value to the already exciting coverage.

A recent addition to Polecam's sports possibilities is the introduction of the PICO small super slow motion camera which adds slow motion recording and playback from Polecam for enhanced sports viewing, and also for sports analysis.

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