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Full Frontal Filter System

Introducing Polecam's Full Frontal Filter System designed specifically for the Fujinon TF range of 3CCD lenses.

Supplied with five top quality filters the FFFS also includes a 62mm Cokin mount for an increased range.

The special design ensures that there is no vignetting even when using a 2.8mm wide-angle lens.

The FFFS is supplied with a LensPen, Cokin filter booklet and a storage case with capacity for additional filters.

Principal Dimensions

  • Lens - M62 Mount (W x D) 62 x 21mm
  • With Cokin Mount (H x W x D) 74 x 75 x 4mm
  • Filter Diameter 62mm
  • Weight with Cokin mount * ONLY 36 G

The Polecam Full Frontal Filter System enables the use of high quality optical filters with compact HD cameras that have no integral filter mount. The Filter System mount allows 62 mm filters to be deployed with the 29 mm diameter Fujinon TF lens series. Two or more filters can be combined without vignetting, even when the Fujinon TF 2.8mm (89 degrees horizontal field-of-view) lens is used.

Full Frontal Filter System for mini HD cameras
Full frontal filter system for mini HD cameras spacer Full frontal filter system for mini HD cameras spacer Full frontal filter system for mini HD cameras

Optical filters have tremendous creative potential both in terms of effects and to maximise the quality of the captured images, Neutral density filters are often preferable to achieving exposure control with an unassisted 'electronic shutter'.

A graduated ND filter provides the additional flexibility of allowing a bright sky, for example, to be darkened while the subject in the lower section of the image is left unfiltered. Most cameras are optimised for a 3,200 Kelvin colour temperature setting so optical daylight to tungsten filtering normally delivers better performance than relying on electronic correction. IR cut filters are frequently used in dimmed tungsten lighting to prevent black objects appearing as deep red. Circular polarisers significantly reduce surface reflections without the through-the-lens meter accuracy and auto-focus complications that often result from using linear polarisers.

Polecam FFFS comes in a compact and lightweight case which also has room to accommodate additional filters, giving users the option of creating a dedicated set to suit their individual needs. The FFFS case includes closed-cell foam filter-holders to minimise dust contamination.

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  • Polecam lens mounting system
  • 62mm Cokin filter mount
    Suitable for lenses 29 mm dia.
  • Weighs only 36 grammes (excluding filters)
  • Carries up to 3 filters (Cokin mount)
  • Lightweight, robust and compact carry case included
  • Filters included:
    IR Cut Filter
    Tiffen ND 0.9
    Tiffen 85B
    Tiffen 85BN9
    Tiffen Circular Polarizer
    Cokin A121M Grad Grey Filter
  • Additional slots for expansion
  • Wide selection of additional filters available from your local stockist

The kit includes a Polecam filter holder and five 62 mm screw-fitting circular filters plus a Cokin A121M Grad neutral grey medium filter.

The supplied filter set consists of a high quality infra-red cut; Tiffen 0.9 neutral-density (equivalent to three stops); Tiffen 85B daylight corrector; Tiffen 85BN9 combined neutral density and daylight filter; Tiffen plus a circular polariser.

The system comes complete with a Cokin A121M graduated neutral-grey medium filter and a 62 mm adapter ring allowing the use of many Cokin-compatible filters.
A LensPen lens cleaner is also supplied.

Filter Specifications:

62mm filter- size was chosen as it offered the best range of available filters and also made it possible to combine two filters, even on the 2.8mm/89° Field-of-View Fujinon TF4 wide angle lens without vignetting!

Neutral Density- filters attenuate light uniformly across the visible spectrum and are used to reduce the intensity of the scene illumination entering the lens. "Depth of field" can be controlled with ND filters and is often the preferred alternative to exposure control by "electronic shutter". For the best results, when the lighting levels permit, using both an ND and electronic shutter can result in improved images especially in respect of achieving optimum lens performance and improved "dynamic resolution" ie: the sharpness of moving images. NB: The Polecam ND 0.9 is a 12.5% transmission/3 Stops attenuation filter but in the Cokin booklet it is referred to as an ND8 ie eight times attenuation.

Graduated Neutral Density- is simply an ND filter that gradually reduces in value into the lower half of the filter which is clear and is used to bring an overly-bright part of a scene into the dynamic range of the sensor. For example, it can be used to darken a bright sky so that both the sky and subject can be properly exposed. In essence, graduated filters optically assist the camera's knee and clip circuits for a more natural image.

Wratten 85B - or Daylight to Tungsten conversion filters should always be used instead of electronic correction within the camera's DSP (Digital Signal Processing) circuits. Their use will result in optimum Blue channel "dynamic range" and the best Red channel "signal-to-noise" performance. The majority of cameras, including Toshiba versions, perform at their best when the colour temperature setting in the menu is left at 3200°K regardless of subject colour temperature and then any large colour correction requirements are achieved by optical filters, such as the Wratten 85. This is the very reason both Studio and ENG cameras have a "Turret Filter" selection capability, See "notes" at the end of this document for a more complete explanation..

Cokin A121M- is quite simply an ND4 (25% Transmission/2 Stops) Neutral Density filter with its density graduated from top edge of filter downwards. It's properties are: ND 0.6 / ND4 (4 times/25% Transmission) ie 2 lens Stops).

Wratten 85B/N9- filter combines the properties of both a Daylight to Tungsten colour correction (85B) and an ND (0.9) in one filter, resulting in the ability of adding a second filter to the adaptor system without fear of vignetting.

I.R. Cut- filters attenuate any infra red "energy" that might enter the lens/camera as a result of using ND filters under daylight lighting (visual spectrum attenuation only) also when the camera is used in production environments under dimmed tungsten lighting that is often "rich" in IR "energy" that would otherwise result in some black objects appearing as deep red.

Polarizing- filters when orientated correctly will significantly reduce reflections from both wet and dry surfaces etc. Clear blue sky is polarized and the use of a PL filter will darken the appearance of the sky, improving both colour and contrast, without introducing colours to other objects. There are two types of polarizing filters available, linear and circular. Polecam chose to include the circular version in this filter kit enabling the user to use it on any other camera. NB: Cameras that have a "through-the-lens" metering system, or "auto focus" will not function correctly with a linear filter. The reason for this is that many modern TTL camera systems use a semi-silvered mirror to siphon off some of the light coming though the lens. If that light is linearly polarized it renders either the metering or the auto focus ineffective. To confirm the type of filter you have, try viewing your computer LCD monitor through the PL filter, the linear filter performs identically regardless of which way you look through the it. The circular polarized filter only works in one direction.

One final fact worth consideration is that a PL filter is near unique amongst filters as it can not be digitally simulated in "post".
Cokin Holder – and a "Filter Solutions" booklet is included in the system. Cokin offer an amazing range of filters that are easily interchangeable and in their words this offers "simplicity and rapidity of use, leaving full room for your individual inspiration and creativity"......
Lens Pen- to assist in keeping your optics clear of dust etc, is included in the system.

Foam cut box – with spare slots (closed cell foam to minimise dust contamination) for both circular and Cokin squares.

Spares - are available from your Polecam distributor but only filter components etc. that were originally shipped with the FFFS.

Fujinon TF range of 3CCD lenses


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Full Frontal Filter System Full Frontal Filter System