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GoalCam - Manned

Fitted with either an Antelope PICO high speed or a Toshiba IK-4K or HD5 minicam the Polecam is a low profile designed crane that allows minicam placement right behind the goal for soccer television coverage. The system has been used very successfully in recent Premier League matches, Champions League Semi Finals and Finals, as well as World Cup Qualifier games; bringing stunning new Live and Ultra Slo-Mo action to the viewers, seen as though they were indeed standing right inside the goal themselves. The Antelope PICO and the Toshiba IK series with their high resolution lenses are small enough to discretely peer through the goal net with the result that the viewer seems to be standing right inside the goal.

The advantage of the camera in the middle of the goal means the action can be followed with the Polecam remote head, as opposed to being static in the corner which can be too wide for some shots and can show a lot of netting. Being mobile provides better goal mouth action, set-ups for corners, goal kicks, free kicks and penalties.

The design of the rig has to be low profile because in the past, camera cranes have been used to shoot from behind the goal, which have blocked the view for spectators in the area behind it. The Polecam operator is seated on a low stool with the tripod as low as possible. There are two monitors, Live and Return. Even these are 'underslung' to help get the profile of the Polecam reduced.

Polecam have also developed the Super SMPTE system; this is a Polecam friendly fibre system that mounts to one of the V-mount plates on the back of the Polecam. It allows two 3G-HD signals to be sent back to the truck with bi-directional RS-232/422/485 data. A return 3G-HD signal for programme return, a PAL signal for syncs as well as 2 x audio channels. On top of this there is also 60W of power, all down one cable. This makes integrating into an OB much simpler and easier for all concerned. Polecam are now working on a system that will have no operator behind the goal for those grounds that cannot have cameramen behind the goal - a pretty unique English problem. The BIG advantage of having a manned system behind the goal though is that it allows the Polecam to be used for other things in other positions. Players in and out of the tunnel, presentations during the production, crowd shots and even pitch side pieces to camera.

The PICO high speed minicam has two outputs, one live, so it can be cut to in the OB truck as a normal camera, but with the huge advantage of seeing that clear view of the goal mouth and beyond. In addition, it has a second output that provides the ultra-motion feed that can be slowed right down to analyse every movement of the ball and players. Whilst the Toshiba IK-4K provides 4K coverage with a prime 4mm UHD lens with the option to apply a "unique to Polecam" .7 wide angle adapter offering a 2.8mm field of view. The Toshiba IK-HD5 is switchable between 1080i and p with lens options as the 4K.

GoalCam Mobile
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GoalCam Mobile being used for football.


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