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GoalCam - Remote IntelliJib

Two years ago Polecam were approached about the possibility of using a Polecam with a hi-speed camera behind the goal for Premier League Football. It started with a standard Polecam at 2/3 sections with an Antelope Pico hi-speed camera. But, there were many grounds where there was physically no room for the Polecam and the operator behind the goal.

So, a mini-Polecam boom and remote head system, operated from a bespoke twin stick panel and operated remotely via standard fibre connections was created. The IntelliJib was born and 'through-the-net' cameras have become a standard for the higher profile games for Premier League, FA Cup, Champions League and now an upcoming event in Russia.

Supplied with a mini set of legs, wet weather covers for operation and overnight use, flight cases as well as an optional pitch-side throwdown box with fibre, the system is capable of moving in and out of the net. Used regularly now as a live camera for corners and goal-kicks as well as bumper, sting and promo shots. The camera produces excellent slo-mo replays from inside the net appreciated by commentators and fans alike. It's like there is a cameraman stood behind the goalie.

The boom can go up to 3m in length, completes a full 360° in 12 seconds with the Polecam Pan and Tilt unit doing it in 3.5 seconds. Clutches and re-setting mechanical 'fuses' provide protection from nearly all eventualities.

The Universal Control Surface is individually programmable in all axes. RS-232 and RS-422 outputs available as well as upgrades and user setting available through one of two (5A) USB ports for charging those phones. Individual operator settings can also be saved and exported to be put into other panels as well as haptic controls and a locking panel make this a very user friendly control surface.

The Auxiliary joystick can be separated very easily as it is held in place with magnets.
Bespoke artwork for customers requiring their own name and artwork on the panel are also available at the point of order.
A 3D printed cover for the camera means the lens and motors of the camera do not catch on the netting.

Intellijib Remote Controlled Jib Camera System
Polecam Intellijib In-Goal Camera
Remote Controlled Jib Camera System spacer Remote Controlled Jib Camera System spacer Remote Controlled Jib Camera System
Remote Controlled Jib CameRemote Controlled Jib Camera Systemra System   Remote Controlled Jib Camera System   Remote Controlled Jib Camera System
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1x #PR500 Remote Boom Head Rig system
1x Remote Head
2x Full Carbon sections
2x Half Carbons sections
1x Pygmy Backend
1x Set of Rig covers
1x Protective Case and Foam
Slim-line counterweights
Camera cover 
Camera and Lenses
Polecam SMPTE Fibre System 

1x #PU500 Remote Boom Head to include the Universal Control Surface


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Intellijib Polecam Intellijib - Goalcam Remote