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Polecam/Medcam in action again - Tuesday 29th March 2011

Polecam filming in a medical theatre

Steffan has just been in theatre again with the Smith & Nephew Orthopaedic Department.

Using a very short Polecam fitted with a Toshiba IK-HD1 and just one section with an elbow and a further half section, 5 hip resurfacing procedures, in two different theatres, were filmed live to 15 surgeons from China. The Polecam was covered in a sterile surgical drape allowing unrestricted access over the site of the operation which took place at the BMI Edgbaston, Birmingham, UK

World renowned surgeon and developer of the the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing technique, Derek McMinn, was in action again with Polecam providing unique pictures.

Polecam (Steffan Hewitt) and a hand held camera Sony EX-3 (Stuart Nicholls) sent pictures to a pair of monitors for the visiting surgeons from China to watch in a viewing room close by.

A two way audio link (Nick Hemming) allowed surgeons to hear Mr. McMinn's commentary as well as ask questions.

Terry Smith, Marketing Director at Smith & Nephew, commented, 'Polecam is clearly in a class of its own when it comes to getting clear, clean, crisp HD footage in an operating theatre. This is the only way forward. I can't wait to try it in 3D.'

Karen Veasey, Marketing & Education Associate, Smith & Nephew also said of the Polecam, 'We use the Polecam because it's the easiest way to allow surgeons to keep working, uninterrupted by cameramen. To have the output of both cameras on two screens as well as a live two way audio makes it even easier for people to see and learn.'

The Polecam Medcam Team will be in action again at the beginning of August with Smith & Nephew. More of the same.

To get an idea of what goes on, have a look at video clip 'Medical 3'