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Latest News

Tournez Montez in Bangkok

Polecam camera crane filming in the Coiuntryside at a farm

Polecam operator Jean-Philippe Touvenot sent some pictures from a documentary they were shooting in Bangkok.


Rob Bloomfield of Calle Films

Polecam camera crane filming in the Coiuntryside at a farm

...on top of a hill in the middle of Farm in East Sussex... Beautiful!


Polecam gets the big chill!

Polecam camera crane with Antelope Pico for Euromedia

Mauro Ielardi operated the Polecam of the Russian Movicom rig fitted with the stabilised Robyhead XS and an Antelope Pico for Euromedia.

They had many difficulties due to bad weather, in fact, after having assembled the first day, in a blizzard, they moved the start gate,but not all equipment could be moved in time.

The second day was better but a lot of snow made everything very difficult.

Great pictures Mauro.


Perfect Balance with the Bulls

Polecam camera crane Pro Bull Riding Series

Phil Beezley seen here filming one of the many rounds he does of the Pro Bull Riding Series in Australia.


Stefan Otto - River Cruising

Polecam camera crane on a boat - Truly Portable!

Here's a shot from a recent series for Channel 5 "Cruising with Jane Mc Donald" where the polecam was able to deliver stunning images off the side of a River Cruise ship on the Rhone. We also took the polecam to the Baltic, Cuba, Jamaica and all around the Mediterranean.


Cliff Diving Update - Chile

Polecam camera crane filming Red Bull Cliff diving event from Chile

There's no better place to display The capabilities of Polecam's ability to go anywhere. 100 feet up on the purpose built wooden platform above two huge waterfalls and spectacular gorge was the setting for the final Red Bull cliff diving event this year from Chile. John Gillan from JG broadcast Jibs had only to rope down 3 Polecam cases to the platform to complete the process of getting it there. Any other Broadcast jib would be impossible to get down there so easily.

I was using my trusty Sony FS5 camera with zoom lens on a 4m pole. Connected to an OB truck the pictures went live on RedBull tv.


Polecam at the IMI

Polecam at the Institute of Medical Illustrators Annual Conference

Polecam supported the Institute of Medical Illustrators Annual Conference in Nottingham again on Friday 6th October.

Shown off was the new Autopod Monopod, ideal for operating theatres and the 4K AJA Rovocam which received much interest from all wanting to upgrade to all the advantages 4K has to offer.

For more info see.


Going Wild

Polecam Camera Crane filming Cheetah's

Stefan Otto with his Polecam for BBC NHU - inside a cheetah enclosure!