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Latest News

Polecam has gone to the Dogs!

Polecam modified AJA Rovocam.  25i/50p/4K + 12 x zoom

Polecam tested at the Towcester Dog Track this week for a possible use for the rest of the season culminating in the Derby in May.

Narrow Head with 6 sections and a Polecam modified AJA Rovocam. 25i/50p/4K + 12 x zoom.


Emagine around the World!

EMagine Productions with their Polecam on various jobs around the world

Stuart Nichols of EMagine Productions sent us a series of photos of his recent travels from around the world. Thanks Stu and enjoy.


Polecam Petrolheads!

Polecam at the Detroit International Auto Show 2018

JG at Detroit International Auto Show 2018 working for Acura on their press event.

Using the Toshiba IK-HD1 and Polecam RCP with Fujinon XT17 zoom lens.

John manages to pack down one of his 3 Polecam kits into just 3 flight cases for his flights to the US or wherever. 'It's such a versatile and easily transportable jib. With the zoom lens attached it's a great alternative to a jimmy jib."


Going Back in Time

Steffan during the development of Polecam

While sorting out some photos I came across these - I'm not going to say how old they are but I have no white hair and even Mark Sallaway has hair!!!!!! Enjoy.


Emagine and the Suggs Movie Premiere

Suggs movie premiere and performance live from the KoKo club in London

Stuart Nicholls, working for Links Broadcast, recently supplied a Toshiba HD1 mini cam system along with the Polecam RCP for the Suggs movie premiere and performance live from the KoKo club in London.

The event was broadcast live to cinemas across the UK to promote the "Suggs: My Life Story" film.

Using a combination of three Sony HDC-1500 fibre cameras and the Toshiba HD1 camera, they were able to cover both the Q&A session and Suggs live performance from a number of angles.


Hookings in the Mountains

Polecam and Sony FS5 up in the mountains of Solden, Austria

This time, it's the turn of Richard Hookings in the snow. Filming with his Polecam and Sony FS5 up in the mountains of Solden, Austria.

"Polecam has certainly taken me to some fantastic places over the past 15 years but this has to be up there as one of the best. After some terrible weather in the mountains in recent weeks (Steffan & Mauro know that all too well), we were so lucky to have perfect filming conditions with blue skies and no wind.

The Polecam was taken in and out of gondolas, up and down mountains and a first for me was travelling on the front of a piste basher - Polecam is truly portable that's for sure."


Polecam at the infamous Hahnenkamm

Polecam slow motion filming skiing at Polecam at Hahnenkamm

Two Polecam systems were deployed in Kitzbuhel for the 2018 running of the Hahnenkamm on the Streiff. Insane weather conditions hit Europe and Kitzbuhel did not escape. Huge dumps of snow hampered the race preparations throughout the week but come race day on the Saturday the Gods smiled on the little Austrian town.

ORF Television deployed their Polecam at the start with an LMC (Live Motion Concept) Polecam equipped with a hi-speed Antelope Pico at the super fast Hausbergkanter operated by Volker Lehman for the 4th year in a row. Working at 350fps with instant replay capability gave superb and unique shots.

Sunday saw all the equipment airlifted to the slalom race with Volker and the Polecam Pico at the start giving not just fantastic shots out of the gate but great replays as well. The weather on Sunday was not so kind but did not stop racing.

Next stop - 12 Polecam systems are already heading to Korea for the Winter Olympics.


Toshiba IK-4K and Frank!

Toshiba Mini Cam

Martin Dohrn and Jack Hynes of Ammonite produced these amazing pictures for the BBC's programme with their FRANK system and the Toshiba IK-4K camera. Utilising custom modifications of cell phone lenses.

Watch the making of at the end of the show. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.