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Pictures from the Alpine World Cup in Åre 2019

Polecam portable Camera Crane filming at the Alpine World Cup in Åre 2019
Ready for race!
spacer Polecam portable Camera Crane filming at the Alpine World Cup in Åre 2019

Tommie Rekstad & Peter Frick have been braving the elements in Sweden.

"We are still struggling whit the weather here. Today we had to move down the start again due to high wind and heavy snow. I have both my Polecams here. Peter is doing the Polecam/Pico a little way down the slope and I´m doing the starts, women and men with my SinaCam. The way we produce this event is really special. The Director is located here in Åre with a vision mixer but all other technical and OB truck such as sound engineers, CCU guys, Slomo operators etc are located in Stockholm, 650 km from Åre. We are hooked up to the SVT building in Stockholm via a 100GB fiber connection where all the traffic goes and in case the line falls down we have one more that can go in and no one will notice. It all seems to work fine."

However, when the weather turns...

"The hard part is to find the right fiber when we have to move fast 400m down to a reserve start hut in just 20 minutes with five cameras, sound and light and all other stuff thats included in this (Commercial banners, Start gear etc). If its possible I just strip the polecam from Camera head and weights, take it on my shoulder and ski it down. If we move up we need help from skimobiles. Cheers! Tommie."


Polecam on the slopes

Polecam filming at Hahnenkamm in Kitzbuhel, Austria

The winter season has seen a plethora of Polecams on and off the slopes. Seen now as a regular attendee in the mountains. This year was the fifth year of the LMC Hi-Speed Team at the infamous Hahnenkamm in Kitzbuhel, Austria...and of course, two Polecams. ORF supplied theirs for the start hut for the Super G and the Downhill and a Polecam equipped with an Antelope Pico at the Hausbergkanter, scene of many a crash.

A change in the weather from -11 degrees centigrade to a major snow 'dump' meant the downhill was run on Friday with the slalom on the Saturday in heavy snow.


Polecam is the ultimate camera platform – but dont’ just take our word for it!

Polecam portable Camera Crane
French  Music Video Clip shot in Morocco, Camera Terra Kinefinity
spacer Polecam portable Camera Crane
Feature film in Morocco called Come Back directed by Brahim CHKIRI (famous director) Shoot with the Alexa Mini and the Ronin 2

What do the following cameras - Alexa Mini, Sony A7s2, Sony PMW 300, Panasonic HPX 250, Sony FS7, Panasonic GH5, Blackmagic Ursa mini, Sony HDC P1, Canon 5D3 and Kinefinity Terra all have in common?


Polecam Autopod takes to the stage for charity at the Bedford Corn Exchange

Polecam Autopod

The Bedford Corn Exchange was the chosen venue for the finale of the "Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity" which donates money to children's hospitals for medical equipment and, in addition this year, funds were also raised for the Bedford Hospital.


SME Business Awards

EpicTech Media at the SME Business Awards

EpicTech Media recently produced the live stream of the SME Business Awards 2018, hosted at the iconic Wembley Stadium in London utilising a Polecam system.


Forager Films and Autopod

Forager Films and Polecam Autopod

I've been covering a good deal of music with the Polecam recently but the Brass Band completion at the Sage Gateshead presented a particular problem with no non-crew members allowed on stage.

A natural alternative was the Autopod which I could match with my existing Long Head and FS7 camera. Even though the movement is less than a metre the Autopod gave us the potential to reveal from behind band members, music stands and racks of tubular bells as well as the natural panning and tilting of the head with the zoom facility of the lens.


Studiotech Poland Open House

Polecam at Studiotech 2018 in Poland

A spectacular and very successful Open House at the Studiotech facility in Warsaw, Poland last week, saw Polecam and BR-Remote head east to show off their latest toys.


FishFace is back on the Triathlon

Lammo filming with a Polecam and Toshiba FishFace system on the new Triathlon Super League in Jersey

Lammo deployed his Polecam with a Toshiba FishFace system on the new Triathlon Super League in Jersey at the end of September 2018. Great shots and great compliments from the commentators.