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Latest News

Autopod - Cool

Polecam Autopod

The new Polecam Autopod system on stage at a Newcastle Upon Tyne Jazz club. Using an inverted Long-Head and my FS5 with an 18-105 lens. The combination of being able to vary the height, use the zoom lens and rotate the head make this a highly practical and versatile addition to the Polecam stable. The band liked it too as there were no sweaty cameraman sticking lenses in their faces ! You saw the future here first !!!


Kitzbuhel Update

Polecam filming WC Downhill Skiing event

It was said by many different sources that this was the best TV production ever of a WC Downhill Skiing event.

Perfect weather conditions as well although some of the mornings were as low as -12 degrees centigrade!

Both Polecam Picos as well as an HD Polecam at the start of the Downhill in conjunction with LMCs 5 other Ultra-motion Antelope MkII cameras created some stunning replay angles.

Thanks to all for making this an honour and a pleasure to be part of.


Kitzbuhel 2017

Polecam equipped with Antelope Pico Slow motion camera

The 77th running of the infamous Hannenkahn in Austria sees LMC if Germany deploy 7 hi-speed camera systems. Three Polecams with 2 equipped with Antelope Pico. Peter Frick of Sweden operates at the Mousehahller and Steffan Hewitt at the Hausberkante where the downhill racers come past over 100kmh. Last year saw the race stopped after just 30 runners out of 79 after 5 serious crashes just below Steffan. The weather is a balmy -20 at nights but glorious sun and 50cm of fresh powder in the day time. Today starts with practice but all live on ORF, Austrian TV.


The BIG Russian Wedding gets the Polecam treatment!

Russian Wedding

Billionaire Russian oligarch spends £3.5MILLION hiring Sir Elton John and Mariah Carey for his 19-year-old granddaughter's wedding at swish London hotel and Steve Giles and his Polecam.


Lululemon Rooftop SPIN

Polecam Camera Crane with Sony A7SII

Foundlight pictures used Steve Giles and his 7th Heaven Polecam equipped with a Sony A7Sii DSLR to shoot the Regent Street flagship store opening on the 12th January 2017 for Lululemon.

See it at Did it rain???? - "It was wetter than an otter's pocket" said Steve but my Polecam performed perfectly!


Autopod Elevation Unit - Studio Recording

Polecam Autopod being used in a recording studio

Marek Jamroz of Polecam recently used the Polecam AUTOPOD to film the new drummer, Dominik Kuzniar for the Polish band DIALEKT.

He used his Ronin and a Camera Corps Q-Ball. Thanks for the pics and video Marek.

For more info on the Autopod, call us or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Going Back in Time - Ouch!

Steffan Hewitt, inventor of Polecam, back in the early days


Polecam in action in Florida backwoods

Filming Football with Polecam camera crane