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Latest News

RedBull Cliff Diving - update

Polecam Camera Crane filming Cliff Diving for Red Bull in Bosnia

John Gillan on Mostar bridge in Bosnia for the penultimate round of Redbull Cliff Diving series. 6 section Polecam with Sony FS5 camera, Ronin M gimbal, wire strut system and 40kgs on the back gave super sweeping shots over the famous bridge. See RedBull TV for videos.


Polecam VR at Reggae Sumfest 2017 in Montego Bay, Jamaica

Polecam Camera Crane filming Reggae Sumfest 2017 in Montego Bay, Jamaica

Production company 360 Designs in conjunction with DownSound Entertainment created a 360° live stream using 5 cameras from the largest Reggae festival in the world – and the feature camera was mounted on a Polecam.  

The miniEye360 camera mounted on a Polecam was positioned at the very front of the stage allowing unprecedented 360° views for the live broadcast. Operator Greg Salman manned the rig single-handedly for the duration of the 10 hour over-night concerts, two nights in a row.

This was the first 360° live concert produced with multiple cameras like a traditional '2D' broadcast.

"The Polecam was essential to getting us shots that felt like we were right on stage", says Alx Klive producer, "I can't imagine shooting a concert in a better way for 360°".

Sample video is still up on youtube -
All photos credited to '360 Design' 


Redbull Cliff Diving Series 4, Dallas, Texas

Polecam Camera Crane filming Red Bull Cliff Diving in Texas USA

Unique shots from the Polecam as the only camera able to be as high up as the divers on the narrow platform. A simple scaffolding structure is all that is needed to support the Polecam and operator. Not possible with a jimmy jib. 

Using a Sony FS5 camera it was live on Facebook and RedBull TV. 

England's Blake Aldridge leaped to his first World Series victory since 2014 with an exceptional display of diving at the fourth stop of the 2017 Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series in Possum Kingdom Lake, USA, while Australian Rhiannan Iffland continued her dominance with another commanding performance to stretch her lead at the top of the overall standings and make it back to back wins in Texas.


Polecam at Monza

Polecam Camera Crane filming Racing Cars at Monza

Steve Giles and Steffan Hewitt attended the 2017 Italian GP at Monza for FOM and the global world feed.

Located in the pits, grid and in front of the chaotic podium, we saw all kinds of weather!

Utilising a 4 section Polecam, the new Antelope Ultra 4K camera and a Cam-Racer fibre system from Ereca (hired from MiBroadcast), new super hi-res went around the world.

Polecam's next F1 outing will be pit stop testing with the RedBull F1 Racing Team in their factory at Milton Keynes.


World Swimming & Diving Championships

Polecam Camera Crane with Antelope Pico minicam 350fps

Philippe Meusnier This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. has his Polecam out on the Danube river in Budapest, Hungary for the World Swimming & Diving Championships. Steve Giles is indoors for the swimming and diving.

Both systems feature the hi-speed Antelope Pico minicam with instant replay of up to 350fps.


Red Bull Cliff Diving Update

Polecam Camera Crane Filming Cliff Diving for Red Bull

John Gillan's usual trips to the extreme see his Polecam at the wilds of Inis Mor on the Atlantic West Coast of Ireland with a bit of wind and slightly warmer in the Azores.

His Ronin and Sony FS5 are the perfect combination for this type of filming which regularly receives the accolade - no other jib/crane could do it.

Next stop, Italy.


Kamtek News latest

Polecam Camera Crane

Jörn Genserowski of Kamtek, Polecam distributor in Germany was in Venice for the European Inventors Award 2017.


Knees in The Netherlands

Polecam Camera Crane

Edo Kuipers of the Netherlands's in the operating theatre of the St. Maartens Clinic, in Nijmegen.
They are specialists in everything that has to do with 'bones' or joints in your body.

This time the operation was a replacement of a knee-prosthesis, that was viewed live by an international audience of specialists.
The flexibility and small footprint were key in choosing polecam. There was a live audio connection with the viewing arena so the audience could ask questions about certain things. The polecam could then easily move around or more close to the operation surface to show the specific part that was discussed. Because of the top shot position it was very easy also to move the head a bit when the shot was blocked by the surgeons heads.