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Latest News

Polecam Concert Shooting

Polecam Camera Crane

Matteo Rizzetto ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) with his Polecam on air in Padova/Italy with a Carlos Santana cover band called Aguasalsa.


Polecam at the Brighton Fringe with Itch Media

Camera Monitor

The weekend of the 6/7th May of the Brighton Fringe, and Itch Media asked Polecam to come and film 20+ children in the Pavillion Park piece together a huge jigsaw of street art by Steven Wilson.

3 x C300 MkII cameras, one on a 6m Polecam as well as 3 x GoPro cameras, one on an Osmo generated plenty of footage.

The Polecam footage though gave the angle Director George Owen of Itch Media was looking for.

"Steffan!! All done and the client was v happy. Thanks again and great shots. We couldn't have done it with any other crane."

George Owen - Director, Itch Media Ltd (0203 7359723)


Tournez Montez have had a busy year!

Polecam camera crane used  with Red Camera

Some great pics from Alain & Jean-Philippe Touvenot where they continue to use their Polecam with a variety of cameras all over the world.

City Rooftops - BARCELONA
Investiture to French Presidential Elections
Jazz Festival - FRENCH RIVIERA


Warton Piano Prize

Polecam Skeleton Rig’ fitted with Ronin Head

The students from Radley College are delighted with their upgraded crane. After having had a Polecam on their wish list for a while now - they have one and are already getting great results with the newly introduced ‘Skeleton Rig’ fitted with their own Ronin Head.


Owner Operator - Corsica shoot

Polecam filming a Jungle Garden in Torquay

Jon Boast ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) taking a well-deserved break during his busy schedule in Corsica!


Deepest, Darkest Torquay!

Polecam filming a Jungle Garden in Torquay

Just to prove Polecam Operators can go any where ! Even the deepest jungle … well Torquay really! ITV's Love Your Garden were so impressed with the work Tom Paterson of Forager Films Ltd did on their show last year they called him all the way from Northumberland to Devon to complete a film in Torquay and Plymouth on the coast of Devon. The latest Sony FS5 Camera and the Ronin M head on a reach of four sections allowed him to explore the jungle garden with Palms and Ferns to reveal hidden sculptures and Tadpole filled ponds.


Football Football Football

Polecam filming Football in Slow Motion

Polecam were are at the BVE show at Excel, London for the next two days.

So in less than a week Polecam have done three football matches, all with the remote operated mini-remote systems.

Liverpool vs. Everton (SkySports), Manchester United vs. Everton (BT Sport) and Chelsea vs. Manchester City (BT Sport).

Utilising the Antelope Pico HiMo minicam and a bespoke SMPTE fibre system allowing VT and Vision control from the trucks as well as birectional video signals. Steffan Hewitt and Steve Giles travelled back and forth across the country to continue to get these unique and well received images from inside the goal.

Next stop FA Cup semi-finals and final.


Polecam Exhibit at The Photography Show

Polecam at The Photography Show 2017

Polecam and Camera Corps were are at the BVE show at Excel, London for the next two days.

Polecam was on display at The Photography Show at the NEC for the past 4 days with Global Distribution on the Atomos stand.

Thanks to Lewis Brown of Atomos and Richard Warburton and his team for all their help and support.

A great show, lots of interested visitors looking at the Polecam fitted with its FS5, powered at the head and the hand grip at the back giving the operator total control through the skip rings too.

Thanks also to Steve Giles ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) and Marek Jamroz for manning the stand in my absence.

As always, the Comicon walkthrough was a highlight !