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Best Seats in the Stadium – Premier League

Polecam Systems will be exhibiting at IBC 2016 on stand #10C 49, RAI Centre, Amsterdam, exhibition September 9-13

London 6th September 2016 - Its not often you get one of the best seats in the stadium at an English Premier League match but when Polecam rigs were used to provide both live and Ultra Slo Mo 'inside the goal action', Tom Paterson of Forager Films and Stuart Nicholls of Emagine Productions stepped up with their rigs to offer their services with the help of Camera Corps.


Polecam Systems to show New Products & Innovations at BVE 2016

London 18th February 2016 - At BVE Expo 2016 Polecam Systems will show the latest Polecam rigs along with new innovations and products, including the launch of the new Autopod, a remotely operated programmable elevation unit for rigs, remote heads and cameras.

Also on show the new Polecam PSP+ Skeleton rig, a stripped down version of market leading Polecam Starter Pack PLUS (PSP+) rig ready to receive the DJI Ronin or Ronin M.


Sports Award presented for the use of the Pico Ultra Slow Motion Camera used on Polecam

London UK, 29th October 2015 - The annual Sportel Awards Ceremony took place recently in Monaco to announce winners of the Georges Bertellotti Golden Podium Competition and Renaud de Laborderie Sports Book Competition. The Georges Bertellotti Award rewards the world's most beautiful sports images.


Polecam Rig number 600 installed at the Royal College of Surgeons

London, UK, 7th October 2015 - Graeme Chapman, managing director of Polecam Systems announced today the sale of their 600th Polecam rig to the AV Team at the Royal College of Surgeons of England in London, where it will be used in their state of the art training facilities to advance the production capabilities, improve observation of medical procedures, and raise the level of resolution for live, recorded and replayed material.
"The sale of our 600th rig to the Royal College of Surgeons of England marks a significant milestone in Polecam's history. What started out as a light portable alternative to film walruses in the Arctic is now being used in the most prestigious medical training facility in the UK. Whether it's the Games in Rio next year, the training of future surgeons or the current Rugby world Cup in the UK, Polecam will be there."


Polecam gets clever with Ronin and excels with Toshiba at IBC2015

See Polecam on stand #10C49 at IBC 2015 Exhibition, RAI centre, Amsterdam, September 11-15

London 11th August 2015 - Polecam Systems will exhibit a new innovative Polecam remote head at IBC2015, a winning combination of Polecam + gimbal, extending further the range of remote head options for their lightweight, portable single operator crane system.


Polecam adds Ronin gimbal for Red Bull Cliff Diving in Texas - Polecam is now super stabilised

London 9th June 2015 - Polecam Systems has super stabilised the Polecam of DOP John Gillan by fitting and interfacing his new Ronin-M gimbal onto his Polecam. The latest Red Bull Cliff Diving events were proving difficult due to the higher winds often associated with cliff tops.
"Whether it's a Jimmy Jib or a Polecam – strong wind is always tricky for a jib but I knew that with the recent developments of gimbal technology this could be the answer. Steffan and his team were great in getting this ready in time and the results were brilliant" said John.


Polecam takes its place at the ‘Olympic Games: Behind the Screen’ exhibition

London 7th May 2015 - Polecam has taken its place at the 'Olympic Games: Behind the Screen' exhibition at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland. It is on display fitted out with the Polecam FishFace underwater system.


Toshiba appoints Polecam Systems as their European Centre of Excellence

London 27th April 2015 - Polecam Systems has been appointed by Toshiba Europe as the European Centre of Excellence for their range of broadcast products. This announcement comes as a result of Toshiba restructuring their European distribution and representation for broadcast, medical and industrial products.


Polecam Systems to show latest Rigs, New Cameras and Lenses at BVE 2015

Polecam Systems will be exhibiting at BVE 2015 on stand #C12 at London Excel, 24th – 26th February

London 6th February 2015 - At BVE 2015 Polecam Systems will show the latest Polecam rigs, along with a collection of recently launched, highly desirable cameras and lenses including the new flagship Toshiba IK-HD5 and the IK-4KH minicam with the new Fujinon TF4XA-1 prime HD lens. Also on show will be the new Fujinon XT17SX4 with 17x zoom lens drive and control.


Polecam FishFace & PICO partner for spectacular new aquatic sports views and swimming & diving analysis

London 19th November 2014 - Polecam has taken its partnership with the Antelope PICO Ultra Slow Motion minicam a further leap forward by putting the camera into a re-designed FishFace waterproof housing on the end of a Polecam remote head lightweight jib arm. This combination now allows Polecam to shoot aquatic sports in HD streaming Ultra Slow Motion from viewpoints above and below water level, demonstrating new and spectacular shots and moves not seen before. This opens up new opportunities not only for sports viewing but also for natural history and industrial applications too.