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Polecam Rig number 600 installed at the Royal College of Surgeons

London, UK, 7th October 2015 - Graeme Chapman, managing director of Polecam Systems announced today the sale of their 600th Polecam rig to the AV Team at the Royal College of Surgeons of England in London, where it will be used in their state of the art training facilities to advance the production capabilities, improve observation of medical procedures, and raise the level of resolution for live, recorded and replayed material.
"The sale of our 600th rig to the Royal College of Surgeons of England marks a significant milestone in Polecam's history. What started out as a light portable alternative to film walruses in the Arctic is now being used in the most prestigious medical training facility in the UK. Whether it's the Games in Rio next year, the training of future surgeons or the current Rugby world Cup in the UK, Polecam will be there."

Polecam at the Royal College of Surgeons of England
Polecam in the operating theatre, showing the flexibility of the lightweight jib system with the operator out of the way and the remotely controlled camera up out of the way but able to relay exactly what the surgeon sees in fine detail, and to be able to move quickly if required to keep the view clear.
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Polecam at the Royal College of Surgeons of England
The operator is able to control the camera pan, tilt, zoom and focus remotely to see what the surgeon is seeing, thus perfect for training.
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The rig has been delivered as complete turnkey system including tripod & dolly, full Polecam medical rig with CC HD Minizoom and remote lens controller all through a slip-ringed head allowing 360 degrees of pan. This can be particularly useful when looking down vertically as orientation can easily be lost with inexperienced operators.

Steffan Hewitt is the designer of Polecam and a director of Polecam Systems. He has had wide experience in the medical use of Polecam.
"The beauty of this Polecam set-up is that the style of shooting does not require fully trained camera operators. They are not looking for nice sweeping shots with a pull focus over the instruments. Quite the opposite. It's about getting the camera in the right place, which is often difficult if it is mounted up in the lighting rig or hand held by a cameraman. Theatre technicians are becoming quite adept at Polecam and even enjoying it."

Head of the AV Team at the RCS, Matt Thompson, said: "The Polecam system is tried and tested in the surgical operating environment. Our clients and delegates now enjoy the benefit of high-quality views from all angles when they are practising surgical techniques. The camera is easy to use and it all packs down into lightweight cases so is portable."

The College's Education Directorate is responsible for creating, developing and running training courses for surgeons throughout their careers across all of the surgical specialties.

The College is a world-leading authority on training surgeons and is one of the largest global providers of surgical training courses, offering over 70 different types of course which around 10,000 surgical participants attend each year. The portfolio ranges from basic skills courses for students, foundation doctors and trainees right, through to consultants and senior surgeons. Furthermore, in recognition of the increased multidisciplinary care of patients, the College developed courses that support the wider surgical team, as well as other medical specialties.

The College is at the forefront of technological progress, including an advanced Education Centre offering a wide range of simulation environments.

The AV Team won the AV 2014 Award for In-House AV Team, after being Highly Commended in the 2013 awards. The annual awards event is run by AV Magazine and is judged by a panel of industry professionals.

Through the AV Department the College also offers webcasting, live events, multimedia production, post-production services and the opportunity to rent equipment.

About Polecam: Polecam's attraction has always been a winning combination of portability, speed of rig/derig, which adds production value without hassle. Achieving crane shots where no other rig could go and getting right in to where the action is. Crane shots up a mountain! No problem. In a small location studio! No problem. On a small boat! No problem.

The company has continued to develop and refine Polecam, never standing still and today Polecam Systems offer a wide choice of ways to own a rig. The Polecam Starter Pack (PSP+) is an entry level platform with a maximum payload of 3.6kg and will comfortably accommodate all the leading manufacturers' larger format cameras. Alternatively for those wishing to literally "just add a camera" then the Polecam Professional Pack (PPP) with either Long, Wide or Narrow head is ultimate camera crane system. Configured as 7th Heaven, the Polecam rig has an extended reach of 8m/26' and when fitted with a minicam, you can get right in close to where the action really is, giving a unique creative viewpoint to your productions.

There is a whole range of HD Minicams, other specialised cameras, Remote heads, Remote Controls and Accessories, including underwater add-ons and Extreme Ultra Motion too.
Polecam will change the way you shoot and the way you think about shooting.


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