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Resolve Optics Z10-HDcf 10x Zoom Lens

The new compact Z10-HDcf high definition zoom lens is ultra compact with a C-mount thread. The lens has an unbeatable close focus of 450 mm and is enhanced through the use of low dispersion glass. The zoom and focus movements utilises floating cell technology producing a smooth, light movement ensuring the best performance throughout the zoom range.


  • 10x Zoom
  • C-Mount
  • M37W/ Aadaptor available
  • Full HD Resolution
  • Ultra compact
  • Max aperture f/1.8-f/2.8
  • Close focus down to 450mm
  • Motorised zoom, focus and iris
  • Topside and back focus adjustment


Compatible with Polecam’s (ZIF) Zoom, Iris & Focus controls

Resolve Optics Z10-HDcf 10x Zoom Lens
Toshiba IK-HD1 spacer Toshiba IK-HR1S spacer 2KSDI with Z10
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  • Broadcast
  • Film
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Military
  • Sport
  • TV
  • Wildlife
Zoom Lens
    Focal Range spacer 7.5-75mm (10x zoom)
    Aperture F1.8-16
    Maximum Aperture F1.8-F2.8
    Zoom Adjustment Motorised (0-3V DC)
    Focus Adjustment Motorised (0-3V DC)
    Iris Adjustment Motorised (0-3V DC)
    Angle of view 38.5o-3.85o Horizontal
    Minimum object distance 0.45 metre
    Lens arrangement 7 groups, 9 elements
    Back focus Yes
    Topsiding Yes
    Mount C-mount (17.526mm in air)
    Filter Thread M37
    Lens Mount 1/4” BSW tripod mount
    Dimensions 45 x 45 x 98.3 mm
    Weight 313 grammes
    Format Options  
    1/3” 1-CCD or 1-CMOS 38.5o-3.85o
    1/3” 3-CCD  
    2/3” 1-CCD or 1-CMOS* 37.85o-3.93o
    Optical Summary    
    ∅12.5mm. Image circle
    HD Resolution from 180Ip/mm Very low chromatic shifting over the complete Visual spectrum (less than< 3μm)
    High MTF throughout iris range
    Low distortion even in the corners
    Apochromatic correction for complete spectrum
    Speeds at 3 Volts DC:
    Zoom   4 Seconds
    Focus   3 Seconds
    Iris   2 Seconds

    N.B. Slower operation can be achieved by turning down the voltage
    Do not exceed 3 volts DC


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Z10-HDcf Zoom Lens data sheet Z10-HDcf 10x Zoom Lens