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The Stadium camera can be positioned anywhere. Weighing a fraction of what has been used in the past (less than 1/2kg - a cup of coffee!). In the roof, at the halfway line in the corner of the stadium, its 5 megapixel 170° lens shows the entire crowd and stadium. Due to its weight it can be easily slung anywhere secured with a 'Magic Arm' and a small safety chain. Again, the health and safety people are much happier with this 'small' secure weight slung over the crowds.
You can also add two more cameras to the system for example in the players tunnel and in the dugout! and still only use 1 x RCP panel saving on 'retail space' in the engineering truck.

Stadium Camera wide angle
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  • Specifications
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  • 5 megapixel 1080i Line resolution
  • 170 degree Fish eye lens
  • Weight - Less than 1/2kg
  • Toshiba IK-HR1S Camera
  • Fish eye Lens

Camera, base plate and lens 234 grammes
PH029 Camera wedge plate 1/4" UNC
Optional CA001 Polecam camera mount with iris motor 1/4" UNC
Bracket - Manfrotto

  • Polecam RCP system - capable of remote control of up to five cameras
  • Flash XDR or Nano Flash recorder
  • Peli case storage
  • GoalCam (in-goal camera)
  • Splashproof camera housing


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