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Toshiba IK-HD2E Camera Control Unit

The new Toshiba IK-HD2E HD remote head camera system is an enhancement of the world leading Toshiba IK-HD1camera system. Toshiba have taken the CCU and have made it feature rich and improved its broadcast integration. New features include Manual User mask setting for Auto-Shutter (exposure) and white balance, Black Gamma level set, Edge detail output - great for focus assist, and Manual Red and Blue black balance adjust. It will also integrate with many existing RemoteControl Panels (RCP) including Polecams MkIV.



  • 1920 x 1080 output pixels
  • 3CCD (1/3") Interlaced
  • C-Mount
  • Auto and Manual White balance
  • Edge detail output
  • Auto Shutter
  • Black gamma set

Toshiba IK-HD2E

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  • Description
  • Contents
  • Specifications
  • Recommended


  • Broadcast
  • Diagnostics
  • Homeland security
  • Industrial video / inspection
  • Medical
  • Military
  • Scientific imaging
  • Camera Controller IK-HD2E

IK-HD2E Camera Control Unit European 50Hz/59.94Hz

IK-HD1H camera heads marked with G2 can connect to both the IK-HD2E (Europe) and the IK-HD2C (typically USA)

  • IK-HD1H camera head
  • Lens Solutions
  • Filter Systems
  • Controller
  • Recorders
  • Power Supplies


EXC-HD03 - Length 3m
EXC-HD06 - Length 6m
EXC-HD10 - Length 10m
EXC-HD30 - Length 30m


  • Downloads

Data Sheet for Toshiba IK-HD2E Toshiba IK-HD2E Camera Controller