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Polecam Wire Strut System



The Polecam Wire Strut System (WSS) works in harmony with any new or existing Polecam crane system; the system provides even greater stability whilst working at any length in any environment.


The system delivers additional rigidity and reduces vibration during rapid movement, vehicle deployment and even outside in challenging weather conditions. The WSS can be used on a single pole rig, through to a full Seventh Heaven setup at 26ft / 8m. Great for music and similar events where rapid crane movement is used.


The Polecam ethos of highly portable, highly maneuverable, long reach and low profile cranes is maintained by the very low profile of the WSS; which enhances rigidity and stability during location or studio work. Many shoots benefit, whether based within a studio, or those more typically found in any of the extreme environments and locations found from Pole to Pole, which always present new challenges to the Camera operator. The WSS provides the Production, the Director and the Cameramen with even greater flexibility than ever before in gaining those ever needed super steady shots that are increasingly demanded by today’s program makers and viewers.

Polecam Wire Strut System
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The WSS comprises of 2No low profile carbon fibre rods with boom clamp, 2No 10metre 2.5mm marine grade stainless steel wire cables with adjustment and tensioning collars, protected stainless steel boom and saddle yoke loops, malion – all supplied in a compact rigging case with easy to follow step by step setup guide.

2off 10mx2.5mm
2off 300mmx2.5mm
1off 800mmx2.5mm
Spec: 196.743.900
Safe working load (SWL) 45Kgs.
Breaking load 225Kgs


Carbon Fibre Rods:
Clamp for carbon fibre rods should be fitted between
90cm and 110cm from the end of the aluminium pole and preferably located behind the Monitor (if fitted)

Bespoke wire system and fixings


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