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Polecam Zif Controller

This accessory continues the ethos behind the Polecam system - enabling just one operator to undertake tasks typically assigned to 2 or more operators.

The ZIF controller can be used as a handheld device or clamped to the boom of any Polecam and provides a solid and comfortable point for boom control; whilst providing the operator with Zoom, Iris and Focus control during shoots, therefore eliminating the need for an assistant and reducing production costs.

The controller is housed in Polecam carbon which not only maintains the aesthetically pleasing uniform look , but also a rugged enclosure which boasts ergonomically located control points for Thumb (zoom) and Index finger (iris & focus.). Direction of operation can be switched to suit the operators preference.

Weighing in at just 257g (9oz) and measuring 210mm (8.25”) Long x 40mm (1.6”) is supplied with a 2.8m (9’) terminated lead - 6pin Lemo (f) for power and control (output) to the lens/lens drive system and a 350mm (13.7”) fly-lead with 4pin Xlr(m) for power (input).

The operational distance of the controller can be extended upto 200m (218yd), please enquire for configurations.

Zif Controller
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Please note
That the ZIF050 is restricted to 3Vdc output for compatibility with the Resolve Optics 10x zoom lens Z10 HDcf (Polecam part #LE200); please enquire for other Vdc outputs.

Zif Controller

Polecam Product Code   Description
ZIF050 spacer 3V Restricted Output
PE017 ZIF Clamp for controller (option)
PC068 10m Cable
Custom Please Call


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Polecam Zif Controller Spec Sheet Polecam ZIF Controller