Polecam distributor ACS France were present during the recent SATIS exhibition which took place in Paris from 19-21 of October 2010.

IEC group welcomed ACS to their stand to give them the opportunity to showcase ACS’s brand new Polecam and to shoot a poker game demonstration that they had organized for the shows 3 days duration.

This event was the perfect platform to exhibit for the first time the HR069 3 CCD 1/3” C-mount HD lens launched at IBC in September.

Nicolas Hoffnung of ACS explained, “We were all very enthusiastic when we discovered the high picture quality on the screen combined with the Toshiba IK-HD1 camera”.

Hoffnung enthused, “This is for sure the best lens we have ever used on a polecam.”

High praise indeed!

The Polecam proved itself very useful during the poker game as the operator was able to film very close to the players and the cards without interfering with their concentration.

Hoffnung explained “The small size of the camera allowed the gamblers to stay natural throughout the games.”

With only 2 poles used because the set was quite small, the polecam was ideal for this kind of shooting.

Nicolas added “ACS asked Vincent Tamisier, a good French operator to use the Polecam for the first time, and in less than one hour he was able to propose to the director very good shots. It shows how easy it is to operate this jib.”

Again Polecam shows its a big deal!!!

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