Åre, Sweden, Alpine World Skiing Championship Finals 2018

Women’s downhill start

Pink Elephant filmed the Alpine WC finals in Åre. Located half way up Sweden close to the Norwegian border. Both the men and women races formed part of the Host Broadcast. SVT, Swedish national television, was the producing company. Since the time between the races were just 5 minutes we had to have two teams. The only team that were the same were the ones in the finish area. As a result of this there were two Polecams needed and Pinkelephant provided the production with both. The Polecam positions were at the start.Polecam operators was Peter Frick and myself, Tommie Rekstad.

The first rigging day we had nice and calm winter weather. But the next two days the visibility dropped to zero. Totally foggy, everything was white. It was like skiing in milk.

The rigging on the mountain can be hard since the weather sets the conditions. One day can be totally fine and some hours later it can change and beginning to snow or the wind can turn up to 30 m/s (108kmh/70mph) or more. Too make matters worse the temperature got below -26 degrees Centigrade. With that wind as well – it was brutal!!!!! Because of that, the rigging is done at base and then transferred by hand, skis and snowmobiles.

On the mountain there are also reindeers. During rigging we had a guy who accidentally skied in to a herd of reindeers. No animals were injured – just the skier!

Since the weather was very shifting we had to move the start up and down the mountain. Some times we only had 30 minutes to move to a lower location. That meaning move the Polecam whit tripod and SMTPE equipment, both the camera and the base station. The fastest was to do this was to take the counterweights and the head off and ski with the Polecam down to the backup start position. If moving up we had to use snowmobiles taking a bit longer time.

Most races were performed as planned but the last day the weather played us out. We were ready according to schedule but the wind was increasing and it started to snow. We had to cancel the races since the wind was 30m/s (108kmh/70mph) and it was snowing. Even the lift was closed for security reasons.

The Polecam equipment we used had three carbon fibre sections, a SinaCam camera, Telecast Copperhead SMPTE. The connection to the OB truck and the Telecast Copperhead was a network solution and in the OB truck the CCU guys had control of the camera using a Sony OCP.

Polecam operators was Peter Frick and myself.

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