Will Churchill – DOP and Polecam Owner Operator

Polecam were lucky enough to catch up with busy Polecam Owner Operator and DOP – Will Churchill. Will’s latest adventure took him to the depths of Egypt where he was working with the NatGeo/BBC team on location in Luxor and Cairo amongst other and more remote shoot locations. No stranger to extreme and challenging conditions, […]

Grand Designs – House for the year

Simon Glass Lighting Cameraman, GTC member and “Polecam Owner Operator” of the globally recognised PSP+ system has recently completed another series with Kevin McCloud and the Grand Designs House of the Year 2019 team. BAFTA winning Grand Designs is widely recognised as the pre-eminent series on modern architecture and design in Britain. It was originally conceived as […]

ISL gets the FishFace treatment!

JG with fishface at the 2nd of 7 International Swimming League events happening between October and December. Alternating between Europe and the USA the event next weekend comes from Dallas, Texas. This weekend has been in Naples, Italy. John GillanJG BROADCAST JIBSPolecam/ Jimmy Jib/ Wirecam Services Web: www.jgbroadcast.tvEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You […]

IBC 2019 – Meet the Heroes!

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The RAI in Amsterdam held the 2019 IBC Exhibition. Steffan Hewitt and Stephen Rutherford hosted the Polecam stand showing the Heroes! SkyJib, IntelliJib, Autopod, ProPack, PSP+ and the Medical System. Also on show Cinelex who provided the lighting and their Wireless DMX. Polecam is packed and protected by Peli. Also, Panasonic launched the new PanaPod, […]

Going Back in Time

While sorting out some photos I came across these – I’m not going to say how old they are but I have no white hair and even Mark Sallaway has hair!!!!!! Enjoy.

Muse 2019

Polecam Operator, Mark Hughes ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ), is touring with Muse and their Polecam run by PRG. Mark asked the tour photographer to take a couple (see below)……. ”Everyone loves the Polecam as it brings such a great dynamic to the […]

Polecam Medical goes from 2 legs to 4

A first for Polecam and Steffan Hewitt, surgical filming on dogs. Steffan was invited by Rodolfo Cappello to attend the North Downs Specialist Specialist Referrals clinic in Bletchingley, UK. The first procedure with Benito de la Puerta was a lung lobectomy to remove a lung abscess secondary to foreign body (thorn). The 2nd, with Rodolfo […]

GTC, Polecam Bundles and Jon Boast

Congratulations go to Jon Boast – DOP and Polecam Owner Operator, who was awarded by the Guild of Television Camera Professionals (GTC) an “Award for Excellence” for his work on “Phil Spencer’s Stately Homes – Channel 4”

Autopod debuts at the SVG College Summit in Atlanta

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Manios Digital collaborated with some of it’s customers to show of the Autopod at Atlanta. The two set ups seen in the attached photos are as follows: 1. Polecam AutoPod makes US debut appearance at SVG College Summit in Atlanta Georgia 5/29/2019: Configuration #1 Sony BRC-H900 1/2″ HD 3CMOS Remote PTZ Camera Cuescript 19″ PTZ […]

Manios Digital display the Autopod at Infocomm with Hitachi

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The guys at Hitachi love the Autopod. They packaged it with their Z450 & KX-Well Robotic Head. Fuji provide the 20X servo lens, which is actually rock solid whilst panning and whilst moving up & down @ 15X– there was no “jittering” from the column. For Hitachi the main customer base at Infocomm was the […]