Autopod debuts at the SVG College Summit in Atlanta

Manios Digital collaborated with some of it’s customers to show of the Autopod at Atlanta. The two set ups seen in the attached photos are as follows:

1. Polecam AutoPod makes US debut appearance at SVG College Summit in Atlanta Georgia 5/29/2019:

Configuration #1

  • Sony BRC-H900 1/2″ HD 3CMOS Remote PTZ Camera
  • Cuescript 19″ PTZ teleprompter, with tally number, and vanity monitor
  • Payload 50lbs
  • Autopod dual column unit reaching over 11ft
  • Applications: broadcast studio, remote broadcast studio. Full multi cam remote control without operator
  • Purpose: To demonstrate to 50lbs capacity & stability of the Autopod at max height. This set-up was geared towards the broadcast market that are looking for an in-expensive all in one studio solution that’s easy to control


Configuration #2

  • Panasonic 150 4K-HD 20X PTZ Camera (Black)
  • Payload 10lbs
  • Autopod dual column unit reaching over 11ft
  • Applications: remote end field camera for football, commencement camera, ice hockey, coaches camera.
  • Purpose: To demonstrate maximum height and stability of the Autopod.. Most college sports have limited on-field space. The autopod is portable, DC powered, and has an incredibly small footprint which makes it perfect for those hard to reach shots where real-estate is limited. . It will also have to be set-up and broken down multiple times during a day. The captive hardware, and portability were a huge plus for college students.


“Customers were impressed and delighted with both set ups and their ease of build and performance” Tom O’Neill

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Polecam Limited is active globally from its Headquarters base near Bedford, England and is recognised across many different markets to include Broadcast, Extreme Sports, Medical, Military & Security, Industrial & Commercial, Corporate, Natural History and emerging markets for specialist Property, Wedding and Music environments; as the market leader for super lightweight, highly portable camera jib, minicams, lenses and remote control systems.