Drone NO – Polecam YES!

John Gillan of JG Broadcast Jibs Ltd records new series of ‘Secrets of your Supermarket Food’ on Channel 5 starting 19th March. Repeated establishing shots shot on Sony FS5 camera and 6m Polecam.

‘The previous series establishing shots were filmed using a drone but it was not allowed to fly one at this location’ says John. ‘I gave them a huge range of unique Polecam shots a drone couldn’t do, but was still able to cover the main brief of mimicking a drone shot. Production appreciated the extra variety of shots and flexibility Polecam was capable of giving’

John Gillan
JG Broadcast Jibs Ltd
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Polecam Limited is active globally from its Headquarters base near Bedford, England and is recognised across many different markets to include Broadcast, Extreme Sports, Medical, Military & Security, Industrial & Commercial, Corporate, Natural History and emerging markets for specialist Property, Wedding and Music environments; as the market leader for super lightweight, highly portable camera jib, minicams, lenses and remote control systems.