Emagine and the Suggs Movie Premiere

Stuart Nicholls, working for Links Broadcast, recently supplied a Toshiba HD1 mini cam system along with the Polecam RCP for the Suggs movie premiere and performance live from the KoKo club in London.

The event was broadcast live to cinemas across the UK to promote the “Suggs: My Life Story” film.

Using a combination of three Sony HDC-1500 fibre cameras and the Toshiba HD1 camera, they were able to cover both the Q&A; session and Suggs live performance from a number of angles.

At first the client was going to use a GoPro style camera to get a reverse shot across the piano looking back at the audience, but Stuart, acting as vision engineer on the lead up to the project, expressed concern about the lack of camera control in matching the HDC-1500s and therefore recommended the use of the Toshiba and Polecam RCP system. This gave full iris control along with the all-important racking/shading ability, allowing the pictures to be perfectly colour balanced to match the Sony 1500s.

The simplicity of the system meant that only a single BNC for video and XLR for camera control were needed to be run in, keeping the rig quick and neat.

The RCP panel slots in nicely next to the Sony RCP-750s and offers the vision engineer a familiar interface.

The event was a complete success and the Toshiba HD1 provided superb pictures while remaining discretely mounted just behind the piano.

Stuart Nicholls, along with being a Polecam owner operator, regularly vision engineers and vision mix / directs on broadcast and corporate OBs.

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