Geneva Motor Show

For the 2nd year in a row I used the Sony A7Sii on the Polecam. This year opting to use the 10-18mm lens to give an even greater view of the McLaren Senna GTR car launch.

With some modifications to my long head, carried out by Polecam engineering department, I am able to power the camera, follow focus and HDMI to HD-SDI converter from the head end, simplifying the rig and minimising the amount of cables running up the pole.

The show was very Polecam heavy this year, including a 4min 45 second continuous Polecam shot, showing off each element of the cars design while the head engineer talked through each development. Quite a nerve racking experience hitting all the correct points at the correct time while being live to screen and the world!

The whole show can be viewed here: Supreme masterclass in Polecam work from 06’35” onwards. Very impressive Stuart – Steffan Hewitt – Polecam Founder/Owner!

With at least 2 news cars in the pipeline for McLaren this year, hopefully I’ll be back for 2019.

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