Manios Digital display the Autopod at Infocomm with Hitachi

The guys at Hitachi love the Autopod. They packaged it with their Z450 & KX-Well Robotic Head. Fuji provide the 20X servo lens, which is actually rock solid whilst panning and whilst moving up & down @ 15X– there was no “jittering” from the column.

For Hitachi the main customer base at Infocomm was the House of Worship community. For them, the Autopod solves a number of issues:

1. Small footprint
2. Ease of use for inexperienced operators
3. Slim profile
4. Cost

The KX-Well had a single ¼ 20 hole in the centre of their robotic head which worked perfect with the Autopod mounting plate.

Thanks Polecam – we all love the Autopod! – Tom O’Neill

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