News from Camforce

Edo and Thijn of Camforce were commissioned to make a corporate video for the sale of a property in Orba,Spain, on the Costa Blanca, shown in the photo (attached) – a unique ‘finca’, a villa with surrounding gardens and guesthouses on it.

They did the shoot with an ENG HDV camera and the Polecam (connected to a laptop via a DV-converter), in around. 5 days ( well, they took a bit of a holiday as well ). The clip was used on the websites of the real estate agents and the owner.

Here is a little clip they made which well demonstrates Polecam’s ability, as well as their own.
You can also watch the final clip, which has a lot of Polecam shots in it, here
Edo says
“The Polecam gives it great production value, the video looks very classy, like the house… The Polecam moves make the video different from most of the other real estate videos you can find on the web.”


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