Updates, System and Support Files

PANAPOD Tx and Rx boxes

On this page you will find how to update your Panapod Tx and Rx boxes

This is an easy process we promise!

Please follow the documents below step by step, however, if you have any issues, as they do happen, please contact us, as we are here to help.


Please download and read the latest version of the User Manual (v 3.1) below, which has been written for this firmware

There is no updates for firmware to the AutoPod systems, this is only for Autopod+ and Panapod systems, please select correct system from the below boxes.

You MUST update both of the Tx (Desk) box and Rx (Leg) box together from the firmware's here. Failure to do this will cause the system to not function correctly.

If in the event that your system is not working correctly, please reset the boxes or alternatively reload the firmware as detailed in the PDF’s here.

We are working on new firmware to improve your customer experience, however,

User Manual (v 3.1) Download PDF
Updating PanaPod Tx Foot Box Download PDF
Updating PanaPod Rx Leg Box Download PDF
Resetting Rx Leg Box to factory setting from Firmware v48 Download PDF
Firmware Update GUI
Firmware Update Gui v0.3 Download (zip)
Latest Firmware
Tx Foot Firmware file v2.1 Download (zip)
Rx Leg Firmware file v2.1 Download (zip)
Previous Firmware
Tx Foot Firmware file v0.28 Download (zip)
Rx Leg Firmware file v0.42 Download (zip)

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