Pictures from the Alpine World Cup in Åre 2019

Tommie Rekstad & Peter Frick have been braving the elements in Sweden.

“We are still struggling whit the weather here. Today we had to move down the start again due to high wind and heavy snow. I have both my Polecams here. Peter is doing the Polecam/Pico a little way down the slope and I´m doing the starts, women and men with my SinaCam. The way we produce this event is really special. The Director is located here in Åre with a vision mixer but all other technical and OB truck such as sound engineers, CCU guys, Slomo operators etc are located in Stockholm, 650 km from Åre. We are hooked up to the SVT building in Stockholm via a 100GB fiber connection where all the traffic goes and in case the line falls down we have one more that can go in and no one will notice. It all seems to work fine.”

However, when the weather turns…

“The hard part is to find the right fiber when we have to move fast 400m down to a reserve start hut in just 20 minutes with five cameras, sound and light and all other stuff thats included in this (Commercial banners, Start gear etc). If its possible I just strip the polecam from Camera head and weights, take it on my shoulder and ski it down. If we move up we need help from skimobiles. Cheers! Tommie.”

Off we go!

Trying to find cases after race
Night rigging
Better weather!
Downhill start women
Lindsey Vonn at start
Slalom start Women
Food time!
The heart of all. Fiber connection point

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