Polecam is back behind the goal!

BT Sport and world renowned Director, Jamie Oakford, have been responsible for getting Polecam behind the goal with the Antelope Pico HiMo camera providing unique shots from ‘inside’ the goal. The camera is capable of up to 350fps but in these cases it was running at 180fps.

Making it’s debut one of the the FA Cup Semi-Finals as well as the Final followed by the England vs. Portugal friendly, all at Wembley Stadium.

In the semi final, Arena.tv handled the HD Antelope Pico whilst Timeline handled the Toshiba 4K minicam for BT Sport.

For the final it was decided to have 2 x Antelope Pico HiMo cameras as well as for the England/Portugal game supplied by Camera Corps.

In this case it was necessary to operate (John Gillan, Rob Wick & Steffan Hewitt) seated with underslung monitors to maintain as low a profile as possible. MiBroadcast provided the fibre systems to relay both video signals (Live & Replay) with bi-directional RS-232 for data control of the 8Gb of continuous recording RAM.

Polecam owner/operators from Perfect Balance in Australia also fielded Polecam Pico. They supplied to Gearhouse for the A league final for Fox Sports.

See the link below to some of the footage from the final

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