Polecam Medical goes from 2 legs to 4

A first for Polecam and Steffan Hewitt, surgical filming on dogs.

Steffan was invited by Rodolfo Cappello to attend the North Downs Specialist Specialist Referrals clinic in Bletchingley, UK. The first procedure with Benito de la Puerta was a lung lobectomy to remove a lung abscess secondary to foreign body (thorn).

The 2nd, with Rodolfo was spinal surgery, in particular a Ventral slot (corpectomy) for intervertebral disc extrusion (slipped disc). 3 of them.

All went like clockwork and the clinic were very impressed with the access of the camera and the picture quality.

Next up – equine!

Many thanks to Rodolfo and his professional and very helpful team.


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