Polecam on the spot!

Steve Rausch with Focused Motion used his Polecam to take the spots out! The job was to capture a product demonstration for a laundry detergent built for delicate fabrics. What’s neat about the product is it’s engineered for cool water and can be used to hand wash or machine wash.

Polecam was the optimum choice to get the right angle to look into the sink and the washing machine for the demonstration. I did go back to the BB head and fujinon prime lenses as the location scout revealed a very tight fit against an existing shelf. The second location required squeezing into a retailer’s back room where they had water hook ups. It took some work to get the lighting down and block all of the bogeys. The smoothest part of the whole shoot was polecamming the camera into place.

Steve Rausch
focused motion

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