Polecam Pico Football

Polecam and Camera Corps deployed two Polecam Pico systems behind the goals for the England vs. Scotland game at Wembley on Friday night (11th Nov).

Arena TV supplied the facilities for ITV and did a great job integrating the hi-speed minicam that pokes its tiny lens through the net to give an unobstructed view of the inside of the goal. Shooting at 150fps (the camera is capable of up to 350fps) gave the commentators and viewers a clean view of the goalmouth action.

Rob Wick and Steffan Hewitt operated and this game also saw the Polecam Super SMPTE system being used. One single SMPTE cable providing power, video, data & comms.

“This is something I’ve been wanting for the Polecam for a long time” said Steffan Hewitt of Polecam. “There are many systems like this on the market BUT not Polecam friendly. This has all the connectors in the right position and at a very affordable price. Just £5997 + VAT for the pair including power.

Tonight (Tuesday 15th Nov) will see the Polecams out again at Wembley with Steve Giles and Steffan Hewitt for the England vs. Spain friendly.


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