Polecam stands high in Washington

Polecam press announcement, 2008 December 17
Polecam reports a resilient and very well-attended Government Video Technology Expo 2008, held in Washington DC early December. Demonstrated at the show by Polecam USA, the Polecam range of HD/SD mobile television production equipment attracted a very high level of interest.

“This was Polecam’s first participation in an exhibition outside the film and television production sector as we have until now focused on mainstream broadcast shows like NAB and IBC,” comments Greg Salman of Polecam USA. “GV Expo addresses a market that takes quality very seriously and wants the maximum possible operational versatility without the heavyweight baggage and slow set-up associated with traditional production systems. That is exactly what Polecam is about. We recently delivered two rigs to the US National Guard which they will be using to encourage recruitment by creating dramatic footage of their training and operational activities. Word had also got round that Polecam has been used on the US campaign trail by one of the leading broadcast news networks. This helped to attract consistently high booth attendance with particularly strong interest from the judicial sector as well as the US navy and three different army departments.”

“The government video market totally understands Polecam,” adds company founder Steffan Hewitt. “Carried to site in the back of a Hummer, it can be operational within 10 minutes of arrival without need for pre-site planning or healthy-and-safety permissions. Polecam is recognised as a recession-busting tool, allowing far greater productivity than rigs designed for bulky early-generation HD cameras and camcorders. Its ability to operate over a very wide range of heights is also making it increasingly appreciated for studio applications. Being light in weight, it is slim to the point of near invisibility when used within view of pedestal-based cameras. In response to customer feedback, we are taking this characteristic a step further by introducing optional cladding: fine white covering for snowy environments and sand-camouflage for desert productions. The white-covered option has also attracted interest from the church television sector. The resurgence of the US dollar in relation to the pound also makes our prices more attractive than ever.”

Polecam was established in 1998 by extreme sports cameraman/director Steffan Hewitt. While directing a series of windsurfing kit commercials in Hawaii, he needed to obtain close wide-angle front shots of a windsurfer in action, shot from a tracking boat or jet ski. Steffan improvised a rig comprising a miniature camera on a carbon-fibre windsurfing mast. Returning to Britain, he developed a lightweight go-anywhere rig with a remote joystick-controlling a high precision pan and tilt head. Polecam is now supplied in HD and SD versions with range of additional options including underwater and 3D pan/tilt heads. Polecam now is active globally from its base near Bedford, England.
Accompanying image shows Zebra Media’s Polecam rig being used for a corporate video shoot on a sandy shore of the Columbia River, Pacific Northwest. The production demonstrated the capabilities of a high-power winch (to move the Hummer, not the Polecam). Photo by Boyd Anderson, Zebra Media.

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Polecam Limited is active globally from its Headquarters base near Bedford, England and is recognised across many different markets to include Broadcast, Extreme Sports, Medical, Military & Security, Industrial & Commercial, Corporate, Natural History and emerging markets for specialist Property, Wedding and Music environments; as the market leader for super lightweight, highly portable camera jib, minicams, lenses and remote control systems.