Polecam Starter Pack to make IBC debut in Amsterdam

See Polecam on Stand 10.C49 at IBC2011 Amsterdam, 9-13 September

Kempston, England, 18 August2011:

“The Polecam Wide head is designed to accommodate D-SLR cameras or compact camcorders of up to 200 millimetres width, 280 millimetres height and 3.6 kilogrammes weight. The Narrow head is conceptually identical to the Wide head, including high-precision joystick-controlled pan and tilt with U-shaped acceleration and deceleration as well as a wide range of pan and tilt speeds. It is ideal for use with ultra-compact cameras or camcorders.”

“Polecam Starter Pack comes complete with a three-section 3.5 metre boom made of the same military-grade high-strength carbon-fibre as the standard rig,” adds Sales & Marketing Manager Jeremy Curtis. “A 3.5 metre rig is hugely versatile and anyone needing even greater reach can upgrade to a five-section 6 metre boom simply by adding extra poles. For applications such as medical television where a specific boom length is sometimes required, we can supply half or quarter sections. There is even the option of expanding to a seven-pole 8 metre length. As with all Polecam rigs, camera cables can be accommodated inside the boom for maximum operational security.”

Like the established Polecam jib, Polecam Starter Pack can be mounted on any standard professional camera tripod or harness mount. It comes with all the essential modules needed to form the rig: Polecam Back End, three interlocking 1.18 metre carbon-fibre poles, rig wiring loom, joystick, pan-and-tilt head, AC power unit, rigging stand and saddle bag set. Total price including Wide or Narrow motorised head is 6,000 GBP.

Polecam Starter Pack is shipped in high-density custom foam within a cardboard shipping carton. The high-density foam is designed to drop straight into an optional Pelicase 1770 for transportation. Other options include a video monitor and battery mounting plates.

About Polecam

Polecam (www.polecam.com) provides complete broadcast production solutions for a wide range of applications, based on the company’s world-leading truly-portable single-operator jib arm and miniature HD and SD camera systems.

Polecam delivers the freedom to place a long-reach jib anywhere a cameraman can go. The only cable required is a standard power feed, or the entire system can be battery-powered. Full HD-SDI is available right out of the unit, eliminating the restrictions associated with heavy multi-operator cranes.

Combined with an ultra-compact camera head and choice of recorders, Polecam jibs permit new and unique angles that would be difficult to achieve any other way. Polecam rigs operate from a standard tripod and dolly or from the Polecam body harness, enabling smooth shots in the studio or on location. Rig and de-rig are fast and easy (10 minutes), requiring no tools. Polecam systems can operate underwater with the FishFace fully submersible pan-and-tilt head.

Polecam stocks a wide range of lenses, recorders, power options, remote control and multiplex equipment. Polecam also offers the simplest 3D production system on the market.

The accompanying 300 DPI JPEG image shows the new Polecam Starter Pack with motorised Polecam Wide head (inset) supporting a D-SLR camera.

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David Kirk, Stylus Media Consultants
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Polecam Limited is active globally from its Headquarters base near Bedford, England and is recognised across many different markets to include Broadcast, Extreme Sports, Medical, Military & Security, Industrial & Commercial, Corporate, Natural History and emerging markets for specialist Property, Wedding and Music environments; as the market leader for super lightweight, highly portable camera jib, minicams, lenses and remote control systems.