Polecam to debut expanded range of portable production equipment at Broadcast Asia 2009

Polecam press announcement, 2009 May 27
Polecam returns to Broadcast Asia in Singapore, June 16-19, with the South East Asia debut of 7th Heaven, the world’s longest truly portable camera jib, plus major new additions to the Polecam range of production equipment for television and digital film. Polecam will be exhibiting with its Singapore-based partner H. Wata Pty, and represented by Sales & Marketing Manager Mel Noonan.

Jan Cervenka (based in Prague but shooting worldwide) working with one of the Polecam underwater accessories: the DiveBag. Polecam is used at many of the world’s major sports events. Ten Polecams were deployed during the Beijing Olympics

Polecam 7th Heaven

The established five-element Polecam has a 6 metre reach. Polecam 7th heaven uses seven elements to achieve an 8 metre reach, proving unprecedented versatility of horizontal and vertical camera movement.

“The standard Polecam has been in production for over 10 years,” comments Polecam founder Steffan Hewitt. “7th Heaven is made possible by a new method of manufacturing the carbon fibre boom from a combination of laminated and spun carbon-fibre. The 8 metre reach provides a dramatic increase in the creative possibilities of what was already a highly versatile production tool while still retaining the portability and discreet on-screen profile that have made Polecam so successful. We have also implemented the new boom formulation in the standard Polecam, making it stronger and more rigid than ever.”

7th Heaven retains the standard Polecam rig’s fast-and-easy set-up and dismantling capabilities which allow much higher operational efficiency than traditional bulky dual-operator booms. It is fully compatible with all standard Polecam accessories including heads, HD and SD cameras, CCUs and recorders. 7th Heaven also retains the internal-cable ducts that allow wiring to be routed inside the rig rather than left exposed to wind and rain.

Any new rig with five rigid poles can be upgraded to a seven-pole rig by purchasing the two rigid poles option, which includes an extra counterweight and longer restraining strap. Any older rig with five standard poles can be upgraded to a five-rigid-pole rig by purchasing the five rigid-pole option. Existing counterweights and restraining strap are OK.

Polecam Universal RCP MKIII remote control panel

A powerful addition to the Polecam range of transportable video production equipment, the Universal RCP MkIII remote control panel provides comprehensive control of up to five different camera types via a single highly robust data channel. A pan, tilt and iris drive connector is provided. The control data receiver is optimised for quick and easy installation. The only function requiring set-up is the camera channel-select switch. All other functions, including baud rate selection and camera type, are fully automatic. A single pan, tilt and iris drive connector is provided for integration with a Polecam jib.

FishFace SwimAlone underwater housing

Shown in prototype at Broadcast Asia 2008 and now fully in production, FishFace SwimAlone is a waterproof HD/SD camera housing. It comes complete with a clamp and threaded tripod-mounting socket for attachment to whatever immersion device the camera operator chooses. A waterproof gland seals the camera cable at the entry to the housing, eliminating the need to cut and resplice the cable. A waterproof plug and socket are provided for iris control. The complete waterproof housing can be used to a depth of 10 metres while the operator remains safely at the surface.

Poledom range of camera sleeves

Although most camera operators prefer the low visibility of a black Polecam rig, the Poledom range of sleeves allows standard or 7th Heaven Polecam jibs to be dressed in a colour appropriate to the shoot, including the original ‘Snow White’ version designed for the American church market. Poledom sleeves are made from high-strength rip-stop nylon and can cover both the jib boom and any cables ducted inside the boom. They can be fitted and removed quickly yet retain the full dynamic versatility of the unsleeved Polecam. Poledoms are available in five styles comprising Arctic White, Desert Camouflage, Fluorescent Orange, Jungle Camouflage and Urban Camouflage.

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