Polecam provides camera solutions for broadcast, extreme sports, medical, military & security, industrial & commercial, corporate, natural history and much, much more. 


The Polecam system uses Carbon Fibre tubes that slot together to create a reach from 1.5m (5’) to 8m (26’). The system is designed around a modular aluminium ‘back-end’.

A precision electronic, remote-controlled, Pan/Tilt head fits to the carbon poles creating a simple yet effective Camera Jib.


The Polecam Professional Pack (PPP) has been created as the ultimate in portability for those that just want to add their camera. Packed in just 2x 1770 Pelicases and 1x Counterweight case.

POLECAM Medical rig

The Ultimate in Medical Theatre Camera Systems

Polecam Medical is the perfect system for providing a flexible 4K, UHD and HD
camera platform for all medical and veterinary theatre applications.

Quick to set up, easy to relocate and intuitive to use.

Polecam Skeleton Rig

The Polecam “Skeleton Rig” has been developed to enable the swift and easy mounting of the DJI Ronin/M and Freefly MoVi gyro stabilised gimbal systems using their existing “wedge plate” and “toad in the hole” mounting systems respectively

Fishface Rig

Fishface is a completely submersible pan & tilt head with camera housing which is ideal for all Aquatic Sports and Wildlife Applications.

The system can be fitted to any existing Polecam rig and enables the operator to achieve seamless live transition shots from Air to Water to Air.


The Intellijib is a Polecam with a hi-speed camera behind the goal for application at a litany of events including Premier League Football games and sports events. It was the first in ‘through-the-net’ cameras


AutoPod is a very cost-effective portable turnkey (complete) system for elevating cameras, in particular PTZ domes. The unit can be used as a standalone system in many environments providing an unobtrusive camera position


AutoPod with ethernet, serial data and varispeed foot pedals.  Panasonic AW protocol allowing control through Panasonic PTZ control desks. The unit can be used as a standalone system in many environments providing an unobtrusive camera position


The PanaPod is an elevation unit specifically designed for Panasonic PTZ cameras. The unit can be used as a standalone system in many environments providing an unobtrusive camera position



SkyJib is the next generation in the Polecam remote camera crane system and is the evolution from the industry-proven technology of the IntelliJib remote system.

The need to have an unmanned remote camera jib which is lightweight, modular, quick rig system suspended from any stage or studio lighting truss is definitely a new leap forward and brings a host of inventive and creative filming angles typically unseen before.


The Ostrich

The Ostrich is the Industrial Inspection Polecam System. Currently available as a 6m telescopic carbon fibre pole (4 sections) that collapses to 1.7m in a soft bag. Optional 10m also available (8 sections) and a possible 6m (8 sections) that collapses to 1m for a more compact pole.

Price at the moment is £1295 for the 4 section 6m system.

The unit comes complete with a Kodak SL10 camera with 10X optical zoom lens (2 x battery with USB charging).