3D P&T Heads

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Polecam Embraces 3D HD

Using a different P&T head can convert your Polecam into a formidable 3D HD Rig.

  • Get amazing sweeping shots in 3D HD.
  • Small size head allows you to get right in where the action is.
  • Quick and easy to set up.
  • 3D HD cameras and interchangeable lenses.

With the Film and Television industry constantly evolving it is interesting when something that has ‘died’ is resurrected. This is certainly the case with 3D. Every 10 years (for the last 100!) 3D raises its head and then quietly disappears again. However, this time it really does seem like it is here to stay. Huge advances in processing technology have enabled this.

Polecam has a distinct advantage in the 3D field. We have a super lightweight P&T unit as well as split head cameras. These have 1/3” format CCDs and are fitted with prime lenses. This removes the need for a comparatively massive and complex ‘mirror rig’ as the cameras and lenses can unobtrusively be brought closer than the optimum 65mm with very little extra work.

The head is available in two sizes:

  • Narrow with the cameras mounted together. With 1/3″ chips and prime lenses giving a huge depth of field, this is the most popular choice.
  • Wide, for those shoots where a little more distance between the cameras is required.

Both heads make use of the Polecam 3D Levelling Plates. So, for those 3D shoots requiring a crane, Polecam is perhaps the most perfect and cost-effective solution. Even the H&S people appreciate Polecam!


  • Alternative Polecam head featuring dual side by side camera mounting cradle.
  • Available in two sizes – narrow and wide.
  • Fits straight on to the standard Polecam.
  • Mini cameras are small enough to match normal human eye spacing.
  • Camera levelling adjustment plates available to complement 3D head allowing vertical position adjustment of one camera to match the other.