AutoPod Elevation Unit

AutoPod is a continuation of the Polecam ethos of providing a “platform” which is a remotely operated programmable telescopic elevation unit for use with PTZ’s, Teleprompters, Gyro remotes, Cameras, Speakers and more.


The unit can be used as a standalone system on a music stage, in a studio, in an orchestral pit, behind a goal, within a conference venue, or a remote location such as a golf course or a race track corner; providing an unobtrusive camera position – great for the spectators whilst not interfering with the artistes, musicians, the player’s action, presenters or the sequence being shot.


  • Elevation range 55cm to 125cm with payloads up to 35kg (option for 2nd elevation unit to increase range)
  • Programmable positioning x3 with soft stops and starts
  • Lightweight and portable – packed into 1 single roll-along transport case
  • Remote controlled from either desk or foot pedal controller – extended range using XLR to RJ45 to XLR
  • Modular design allowing an additional elevation unit to be mounted


Product dimensions and weights:

  • Length – 55-125cm (single elevation) and 110-250cm (double elevation)
  • Width – 11cm
  • Height – 6cm
  • Weight – 14kg (single elevation) and 19kg (double elevation)

Shipping dimensions:

  • Length – 82cm
  • Width – 56cm
  • Height – 33cm
  • Weight – 28kg (single elevation) and 37kg (double elevation)



Autopod #ATP510 (single)

Autopod #ATP520 (double)

Autopod Technical Data

Autopod Operators Manual

Online FlipBook – Autopod Operators Manual