Camera Corps Q3 MiniZoom



Camera Corps Q3 MiniZoom comes with a built-in 20 x zoom lens and Infra Red capabilities. Genlock is also provided.

An optional fiber card can be fitted inside the Interface box and full control of the camera including Genlock and reverse HD-SDI video can be obtained using just 2 x single mode fibres.

Camera control using the Camera Corps Universal RCP is comprehensive and On Screen Displays give access to all camera functions.

The Q3 MiniZoom is fully compatible with all the Camera Corps existing control systems including Joystick Controls and Universal RCP. Multi-camera control capabilities are catered for by using Camera Corps 96 camera control system. In practice the Joystick Control is not essential as the Universal RCP is capable of pre-setting both Zoom and focus.

  • Broadcast
  • Sporting events
  • Reality TV shows
  • Medical
  • Space restricted sites