Fishface (FF500)

Fishface is a completely submersible pan & tilt head with camera housing which is ideal for all Aquatic Sports and Wildlife applications.

The system can be fitted to any existing Polecam rig and enables the operator to achieve seamless live transition shots from Air to Water to Air

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Introducing Fishface, a completely submersible camera housing and Pan & Tilt unit with full 360 degree pan capability with unrestricted movement.

When used with a Polecam rig, the unit is effective down to depths of 4m (13’), replacement drilled carbon poles are used – these “holey poles” ensure that the ooding and draining of the boom is quick and quiet when being submersed, manoeuvred and removed.

The current #FF500 camera housing accommodates the Antelope Camera Systems “PICO” super slo-mo minicam offering upto 350fps, to include full remote Iris and Focus control.

Modi ed systems can also be supplied for the slightly larger IO Industries Flare 2K, CameraCorps Minizoom and the Panasonic POV (information available upon request)

The camera housing can also be used as a stand-alone unit.