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Fishface Rig – FF100

The Polecam Starter Pack PLUS (PSP+) remains the leading lightweight crane of choice for many globally. It was therefore an obvious decision to provide a complete underwater capable system that gave the Aquatic Sporting, Natural History and Sub Surface Inspection teams an all in one complete solution.

Fishface is a completely submersible pan & tilt head with camera housing which is ideal for all Aquatic Sports and Wildlife Applications.

The system can be fitted to any existing Polecam rig and enables the operator to achieve seamless live transition shots from Air to Water to Air.

The unit is effective down to depths of 4m (13’) when used with a Polecam rig, replacement drilled carbon poles are used to ensure that the flooding and draining of the boom is quick and quiet when being submerged, manoeuvred and removed.

The current camera housing accommodates HD minicams from manufacturers such as Toshiba, Iconix, Antelope and Indiecam – offering full remote Iris and Focus control.

Modified systems can also be supplied for the slightly larger IO Industries Flare, and the Panasonic POV (information available upon request)

The camera housing can also be used as a stand-alone unit and is useable to a depth of 100m (328’)

  • Supplied complete in an SKB Flight Case with custom foam insert
  • Weight 1.64 kg (complete excluding camera & lens)
  • Drop arm 130 x 29 x 455mm
  • Housing 68 x 205mm (excluding clamp)

The remote head can also be used in a “stand-alone” environment either locked off or, inverted on a “pool plate” on the pool floor, river bed or ocean floor – providing full 360 coverage at a depth of 10m (or more subject to camera type).

When purchasing the Fishface system (FF100) a maximum of 4 Drilled carbon poles (FF181) are provided as a “trade-in” against existing Full carbon poles (PM020).

Should a trade-in not be required then you would need to purchase the Drilled carbon poles (FF181) separately
(up to a maximum of 4 pieces)