Polecam - Counterweights (Standard BarBell Weights)

Standard barbell weights with a 1”/25.4mm diameter central hole are perfect for using with any of the Polecam rigs.


Standard BarBell Weights
5Kg and 10Kg

The weights are loaded onto the threaded counterweight spigot bar at the rear of the “Backend” section. This threaded bar can be expanded and contracted as required to receive the correct counterbalance load.

We supply (unless otherwise requested) rubber coated weights, this is of great benefit when working in cold or inclement weather – helping with grip and also protects cold numb fingers from the occasional bump

Please note: Olympic style weights can be used – but “reducing collars” to bring the central borehole down to 1”/25.4mm from the Olympic size of 2”/50.8mm must be used to ensure correct and safe functionality of the Polecam counterbalance system.

Note: when adding any additional equipment such as Batteries, Recorders, Remote Control Panels, Camera Control Units or personal effects, this will result in a change of balance and adjustment will be required to suit the users preferred stance