Polecam Medical Theatre Rig

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The Ultimate in Medical Theatre Camera Systems

Polecam Medical is the perfect system for providing a flexible 4K, UHD and HD
camera platform for all medical and veterinary theatre applications.

Quick to set up, easy to relocate and intuitive to use.

The Polecam has been used extensively for live television broadcast transmissions and has also been adopted by medical device companies globally.

Forward thinkers in various medical companies around the world have recognised Polecam’s potential for looking over the shoulders of surgeons in the operating theatre to give an unrestricted 4K, ultra-high and high-definition or even 3D view of the procedure without compromising the medical team.


Deployed worldwide, these are just some of the medical system clients extensively using “Polecam Medical”

Applied Medical
Corin Medical
Johnson & Johnson
North Downs Specialist Referrals
Smith & Nephew
De Puy
Numerous teaching hospitals
Royal College of Surgeons
WL Gore


The Numerous Applications Of The Polecam Medical Rig:

  • Abdominal wall reconstructions
  • Eye tumour removal
  • Hip resurfacing
  • Dentistry
  • General cadaver work
  • Total knee replacements
  • Distal radius corrective osteotomy
  • Heart valve replacement
  • vNotes hysterectomy
  • Double mastectomy with total reconstruction
  • Hip replacements

Live TV operations including Brain surgery, Heart surgery and pioneering Orthopaedics and many more.


Whether you are a teaching hospital or a medical device company, the Polecam Medical System is the only way to simply and effectively acquire video footage for training, sales and marketing support.


As technology continues to evolve at an ever-accelerating pace, Polecam recognises the benefits available from offering customers a managed services solution; comprising either a fixed or variable periodic rental charge which incorporates the provision of equipment, software and services, and includes maintenance, support, installation and training.


Key benefits:

  • Spread the costs of equipment acquisition over a number of years – typically 2 to 5 years
  • Budget accurately with fixed monthly or quarterly repayments (seasonal variations – optional)
  • Releases funds to develop and grow simultaneously other areas of your services or business
  • Not owning the equipment will attract tax benefits (subject to your Tax status)
  • Option to return the equipment at the end of the agreed terms with no further liability
  • Continue to lease the equipment for a Secondary period after the Primary period has ended
  • Assured that your equipment will be serviced and supported by authorised Polecam engineers during the period of the lease agreement
  • On-site training included ensuring that you and your team are comfortable with system setup, safe operation and, all the features and functions

Polecam is a registered member of the Financial Conduct Authority and is pleased to offer Asset Finance Lease with the benefits of Managed Service Solutions (MSS) and a second option for Hire Purchase