Polecam Narrow Head

Polecam’s all new electronic Long Narrow remote head is a versatile remote control pan and tilt unit designed for use with Minicams and Box cameras when they are configured with a longer lens setup. This typically would be the Antelope Cameras Systems Hi-Speed PICO, any of the Toshiba IK series when configured with the Fujinon XT17 or the Resolve Optics Z10 zoom lens or similar. The head is typically used with any of the Polecam systems (PSP/PSP+/PPP) or alternatively can be used as a stand alone remote hot head.



The Long Narrow Head is designed with flexibility in mind and you can detach the Polecam mounting bracket drop arm (4 screws) and that will reveal a 3/8 UNC threaded plate screwed to the drop arm, remove this and screw it to the top of the Long Narrow Head. Attach the inverted head to whatever suits your intended use.

The Long Narrow maintains the speed in Pan of the existing Narrow Head, whilst adopting the drop arm length of the existing Long Head. This results in the unique use of different gearboxes and gearing.

The Long Narrow Head maximum pan speed is 2x faster than the Long Head so it completes a 360 degree pan in 2.75 seconds. The slowest Pan speed is 360 degrees in 15 minutes which is about 15 times slower that the older Polecam heads.

The Long Narrow Head uses a 12 bit PID motion controller to regulate the pan and tilt axis via a closed loop configuration meaning you get an extremely accurate and easily controllable head. The ramp up and down feature reduces violent head movement for smoother operation and we have a new feature called motor braking enabled when there’s no joystick input.

Polecam Long Narrow Head is shown with the AJA RovoCam system fitted with the modified “red” front end and dioptre kit. Further information on the RovoCam system can be found in the Cameras section of the Polecam website