Polecam Pro Pack (PPP)

The Polecam Professional Pack (PPP) has been created as the ultimate in portability for those that just want to add their camera. Packed in just 2x 1770 Pelicases and 1x Counterweight case.

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The PPP is based on the market leading Polecam Starter Pack Plus (PSP+) with the additions of the typical accessories that many purchase to include – 2 additional pieces of carbon fibre boom for when that extra reach is needed, Wire Strut System to enhance stability when using the rig in harsh conditions or on the move, Weather proof covers for the Remote P&T; head, Joystick, Monitor and Backend, a set of 4 batteries including charger for those remote daily shoots, Tripod & Wheeled Dolly, Counterbalance weights and Rubble sack (an excellent alternative to barbell weights when the shoot location is remote and weight carrying is at a premium). 3rd Party products may be substituted to the same if not higher specification product.

The PPP retains the Polecam ethos of a modular product and can be configured with any of the precision electronic pan & tilt heads Long or Narrow; and with the addition of an extra cable or two, can accommodate the Fishface underwater head.

There are three new pan & tilt heads to choose from when selecting your Polecam Pro Pack (PPP).

The Narrow Head version is ideal for Minicam’s and split head cameras such as the IndieCam, I O Industries, Panasonic & Toshiba.

The Wide Head is designed for D-SLR use and is also great for 3D with two mini cams side by side using our optional 3D mount plate.

The Long Head is designed to cater for cameras such as the Canon C300/500, Blackmagic, RED cameras, the AF101 from Panasonic & Sony’s 700.