Ronin/Ronin M and MoVi Rig Adapter

This New innovation from Polecam enables any existing Polecam system to mount either the DJI Ronin, Ronin M and MoVi from Freefly True to the Polecam ethos, the system is quick and simple to exchange without any tools required. The system can also be further enhanced by adding the Polecam Wire Strut System when operating in those extreme and demanding environments.



The Adapter has spawned the Polecam “Skeleton” rig, this is based on the globally recognized Polecam Starter Pack PLUS (PSP+) cut down to the basics, enabling any existing Ronin/Ronin M owner or operator to take their dynamic shots and sequences tone levels of creativity.
Contact the Polecam Sales team for further information.

Ronin/Ronin M Remote Control Mount

For those Ronin/Ronin M operators that wish to mount their Remote Controller to the Polecam boom, this remote mount provides a secure and steady platform. Quick and simple to apply (without tools) the mount can be positioned anywhere and at any angle on the boom within easy reach of the operator providing a comfortable operator position.

Ronin/Ronin M Rig Adapter & Control Mount