Sony FS5 Grip Relocator Loom, LANC & Power Tap

The Sony FS5 camera is certainly just one of the many leading models of camera currently being used with the Polecam crane system – mainly the Polecam Starter Pack PLUS (PSP+) with Long Head.



The FS5 is a very lightweight system and can be used on the Polecam at a reach of 6m (5 sections of full carbon when using the Wire Strut System (WSS) which is Part# PE100).

With such a great distance between the camera and operator and, the need for long 4K and HD shoots, material typically
is recorded to an external Monitor/Recorder like the trending Atomos Inferno unit; additional power is also a consideration too.

With this type of camera configuration it is essential to therefore have complete control of the cameras features and functionality when operating on the Polecam platform. With this in mind Polecam have developed a LANC extension Cable and Power system which can be added without modification or tools to the Polecam and Sony FS5 camera systems.

Sony FS5 Slip Ring LANC Loom

To run a Sony FS5 on the Polecam Long Head and PSP+ system, you will require the new Sony FS5 Slip Ring LANC Loom which is Part# PC087 which is 10metres long, but with re-assaigned 12pin to 12pin Lemos with 4pin XLR and the addition of the Grip fly lead and connector
If you are an existing Polecam Starter Pack PLUS owner/user you will be familiar with the standard 12pin to 12pin Lemo with flying 4pin XLR control loom – 10metres long (Part# PC046) – this will not and cannot be used with the Sony FS5 in this LANC configuration (PC087 & PC088 will be required).

Sony FS5 Remote Head Power Tap

The Polecam remote head can provide 12Vdc at 1A unregulated from the 4pin binder. This is used for the Sony FS5 power tap (therefore removing the need for FS5 on-board camera batteries).

Sony FS5 LANC Control Cable

This short cable connects the Sony FS5 to the Polecam remote heads slip ring system which in turn enables infinite Pan ability whilst transmitting the LANC commands as required (Record direct to camera for infinite Pan).